PSN Update: Is No News Good News? (10 May)

Nowgamer: Sony's official channels have remained silent regarding the on-going PSN outage for three days

PSN is set to be fully restored by the end of May, but gamers had hoped that online gaming, and possibly other PSN services would resume earlier.

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zeksta2720d ago

Technically this isn't an update, more of an opinion piece on Sony and why they haven't updated in 3 days.

I suggest sites actually have an update before posting.

Anyway, people just really need to wait, Sony are probably doing strenuous testing on the PSN servers to see if hackers could possibly invade again, I'm sure people wouldn't want their data compromise again.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2720d ago

Agreed. Sony has updated whenever there was something relevant to update. I dont need to know everytime one of them takes a bathroom break.

flankhim2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Agreed. How is no news, news?

pody2720d ago Show
THC CELL2720d ago

wow now gamer are just pushing for hits now. JUST stop it man u are a crap site for news

undercovrr2720d ago

What is this, the doctor's office? No news means no news. Stupid author

Sparticus_12719d ago

They will show up tomorrow and say online gaming will be back in a few days...................again

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