Rumor: Sony Asking Developers To Stick With PS3

A new report published Friday by the Mercury News suggests that Sony may already be scrambling to keep third-party developers aboard the PlayStation 3, which has struggled to keep pace with the Wii and Xbox 360.

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SonySoldiers4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

Off course game devs will need to stick to the future! the PS3 has MGS4, GT5, Rachet, and many more fun games coming in the 2008 - the year of PLAYSTATION 3.

Do not tell anyone that SONY has been struggling!

cooke154106d ago

Business lives in the now not the future

sticky doja4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

Right, because this is a totalitarian website, and speaking the truth would mean imprizonment and eventual beheading. Do you get payed by Sony to say dumb s*** like that?

Who honestly cares about a rumour. Sony will be just fine. Especially after the $399 PS3, even though I don't want one because I want backwards compatibility so I can play the games I didn't get the chance to such as FFXII, Okami, etc.

masterg4106d ago


Actually you're wrong.
The game industry lives in the future.
A game takes a minimum of one year to make. Meaning you will be best of developing for whatever you think is doing best a year or longer from now.

XxZxX4106d ago

hmmm tell that to MS 1st XBOX. Lost 6 billion and if they don't look at the future, they will eject long time ago.

Panthers4106d ago

Can someone show me where it says Tekken 6 is going multiplatform? I read a rumor, but that was it.

JsonHenry4106d ago

I personally think that yes, regardless of what a *few* devs say, that the PS3 is the most difficult to program for and the hardest, most expensive, and longest to do a cross platform title for as well.

This is a lesson that Sony has learned the hard way. While so far I am sorry to have bought the PS3 so early on, I feel that Sony will certainly take the lessons learned and I would expect a Playstation 4 that is easier to code for as well as not as expensive on launch day.

But anyone in the gaming business will agree - the PS3 is most expensive and time consuming to program for. Not a good thing when third party devs have the option to make a game for two systems with a larger install base as well - the Xbox360 and the Wii.

Hatchetforce4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

"Business lives in the now and not in the future." How idiotic and shortsighted.

No, business in the future lives in the now and the future at once. You have to plan now for the business tomorrow. Just concentrate on the now and when tomorrow comes you won't be prepared. Even gradeschoolers know the story of the ant and the grasshopper yet you ignore it. Ray effin Charles.

DVD9 is a case of not preparing for the future.

Omegasyde4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

2nd Party
Ninja Theory- Heavenly sword
Insomniac - Ratch and clank
Quesy studios- Everyday Shooter
Guerrilla Games - Killzone

1st party
polosony - Gran tourismo
Evolution Studios - Motorstorm
989 sports/ PS sports - PS sport games
Naughty Dog - Jack and Daxtor / Uncharted Draks fortune
Incognito- Warhawk, Twisted Metal, Jet Motto
Bend Studio - Syphon filter games
Zipper Interactive - Socom games
SCE Studio Liverpool - Wipeout
Ico Studios - Ico, shadow of colossus
InFamous studios - InFamous, sly cooper
Media Molecule -LittleBigPlanet
SCE London Studio - 8 days
SCE Santa Monica Studios - Alot of PSn games, GOD OF WAR

exclusive deals
NCSoft - Guild Wars
Media Molecule - white knight story

+ Many more

That's the facts and thats why the Ps2 was a hit because Sony them selves cranked out alot of games.

Microsoft just published some i.i.e. Gears of War,PGR4, Bioshock(?) (similar to what Sony did with Lair) and had Bungie/Halo and the Fable Team.
Let alone I mentioned some titles above like Twisted Metal, Sly Cooper etc. Hmm I wonder if these proven hit franchises sequels are in the works?

The games are coming, it just now that Games today take up to 10 months to 2 years! (killzone is almost going to take 3 years). So that is the price we play for next gen games.... :(

bootsielon4106d ago Sony fans and every other gamer. I know you're an Xbot in disguise trying to give playstation fans and the playstation name a bad name. Please shut the hell up.

AngryTypingGuy4106d ago

Geez, judging by SonySoldiers comment, you would think that his PS3 had a vagina.

nasim4106d ago

do devs leave X360 because x360 is the least selling console in JAPAN and NA .


Ps3 sales have increased multiple folds in EU after the price cut .

MY GOD MS and their viral marketing efforts

stonedog4106d ago

business does take place in the here and now not the future. You are right that game development takes one two or even three years but the bottom line is always the driving force. Games releasing next year will not sell a console this year if there are no games available now. And this is Sony's problem and hence they have cut prices to try and remain competitive (remember there was an expected price cut at the TGS and Sony told the press when that did not happen that they felt that games were more important to selling the system than a price cut). The 360 installed base will get a big growth spurt with exclusive games like Halo 3 and Mass Effects combined with the multi games which have the rep of looking better on the 360. If Sony is having difficulty keeping the third party developers on side with them before Christmas and M$ has the blow out Christmas then things will only be worse after Christmas. This has been an issue for PS3 for quite some time. Sony announced at the TGS that they were concentrating on giving increased support to the third party developers. News of disaffection on the part of third parties is a nightmare for Sony; and may squeeze Sony as they are forced to pay for content (something they maintain they don't/won't do) to remain in the game. The other option is to drop the PS3 and move on; but the Blu ray format war makes that very unlikely.

Sony is caught in a vicious cycle of not having games and therefore not being able sell the console and not being able to get games b/c it install base is not that attractive. Third parties are making games for the Consoles for there captive market. Sony presently has the the smallest market.

DeckUKold4106d ago

sonysoldier makes me wanna cry and good 1 who said that make sony sound like a V bubbles

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wil4hire4106d ago

Where is the news of sony third party developers leaving?

cooke154106d ago

you must live under a rock

wil4hire4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

Please explain, instead of trying to insult someone.


Eh, you don't have a really good grasp of business. But I commend you for your efforts. Why on earth would you make more titles for a system that doesn't have the greater fan base?

The article said Developers are leaving the ps3, which they aren't. Yes some support the thing that brings investors more money, but as the ps3 gains in sales, the same exact thing is going to happen. No developers are going to make the money on the 360 as they have the PS2/WII. Its two year run is hitting 12 million units. Keep in mind the Biggest game for the system could only barely sell more units than the Wii. The ps2 had 40 million units sold by year 2. Just to put things into perspective... This coming holiday the ps3 is going to sell 5+ million units. Now unless Halo3 and Mass Effect can bring in 5 million+ more users, its going to be very close in 2008. Developers will finally be able to make $ from the ps3 user base. With PS3 Developers churning out HD games at 60fps and no slowdown/framerate, they are only going to share the information with others.

Its going to really be interesting to see what can the 360 do to keep up with the PS3 in 08. Theres only 1 halo. Sony's rolling out Gran Turismo/MGS/Little Big Planet/Tekken/Final Fantasy etc.

cooke154106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

Sorry, im not insulting you :P

Its not so much developers not supporting PS3 its them dropping exclusives or moving games to other consoles..

IE Monster Hunter 3 to Wii
Okami to Wii instead of PS3

Capcom supporting 360 more than PS3
Square bringing Dragon Quest to DS instead of a sony console
ACE Combat going 360
Tekken going 360
Virtua Fighter going 360
Katamari going 360/Wii
Fatal Frame going to Wii

there are more these are just what i can think of right now.

ChanDangle4106d ago

As I remember, please correct me if I'm wrong companys aren't leaving Sony besides the whole Capcom statement.

Square Enix = Final Fantasy
Ace Combat = timed exclusive for the 360
Tekken + VF= Multiplatform
Beautiful Katamari = I guess but ps3 getting new ip from creators
Fatal Frame = snagged

sonarus4106d ago

Capcom supporting 360 more than PS3: Wrong. 360 cameout before ps3 only games showing capcom support to 360 were made before ps3 was out if capcom released an exclusive ps3 game now that the ps3 is out then your point would be valid unfortunately capcom is embracing a multiplatform philosophy. Plus they are releasing lost planet on ps3 not like i care but that dosent show dropped support IMO

Square bringing Dragon Quest to DS instead of a sony console: Square can't bring every game they make to a sony console but they have in no way shown dropped support for sony. They jst release final fantasy crisis core and last time i checked finaly fantasy 13 and versus 13 were still ps3 exclusives.

ACE Combat going 360: We both know its only a timed exclusive katamari, eternal sonata and damacry will all end up on ps3 nxt yr.
Tekken going 360: I never heard about tekken going 360 thats jst an unfounded rumor it is possible but quite unlikely considering the game was built on arcade with the cell processor i would say they have strong sony support based on that but i could be wrong.

Virtua Fighter going 360: Well came out on ps3 1st plus sega jst recently announced to ps3 exclusives dnt knw if sega has any 360 exclusives coming up.

Katamari going 360/Wii: Wii is understandable am sure msoft simply paid for katamari to generate more japanese interest in their failing console(in japan). Katamari is more of a casual game which basically fits the wii perfectly.

Fatal Frame going to Wii: Dnt knw bout fatal frame so no comment

cr33ping_death4106d ago

so when did tekken go to the 360? nothing but wishful thinking

Snukadaman4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

show a link that shows 3rd party developers are leaving the xbox 360 or you just look like a little crybaby spouting the typical sonyfanboy horsesheit....if anything they look at the sales the xbox 360 has and makes them want too develop for it.

enjoy creeping death...while its a rumor it was a rumor that vf5 was going too xbox and look what happend there...

real gambler welcome too my ignore list....
just kidding just whomp whomp.

Real Gambler4106d ago

Just kidding, just kidding...

Maybe while Microsoft and Nintendo are at it, why not taking EA as well...

Just kidding, just kidding!!!!

Seriously now, the biggest problem is not between 360 and PS3. It has been said thousands of time. The Wii is stealing most devs. It will become more and more obvious in 2008... I like the Wii. But I'm not sure it's such a great thing for us gamers!

lawman11084106d ago one developer who WILL NOT make games and do business with MS? EA, Valve rockstar all HATE making games for the PS3 and that is why FFXIII and MGS4 will all be on the 360....if you had a business would you just let 12 million customers just go on by? NO WAY. Developers say the 360 is a dream to make games for and I also own a PS3, but It only has 2 good games (WH and RFOM) and I have not touched it in weeks. Also, the whole Blue-ray thing...I REFUSE to pay $30 bucks for DVDS ..PERIOD...I can get transformers for $15 bucks at target but on BR its $ thanks. I will buy BR when they are less then $20 bucks.

SomeAnalyst4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

Those millions of former casual PS2 (now Wii) gamers aren't interested in a 'Boogie' or a 'Dewy'. Most aren't even fans of Metroid and Zelda! They got a Wii because of motion controls and the price. They're more into zombies (RE4), yakuza (Red Steel) and comedic mascots like Rayman. Nintendo should make a bid to get Conker back too, as who wants a photo-realistic squirrel?

ruibing4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

I'll name you a big developer who probably won't be doing business with MS for awhile. Level 5 had a very bad experience with MS when developing that MMORG game True Fantasy Online Live and finally had to cancel it due to unrelenting pressure from MS. They parted on very poor terms. Bungie's parting may be better but they obviously didn't want to be restricted by MS either.

Though I've heard of Valve and a few sports developers from EA (I can't believe you even respect them) finding it too difficult to develop for the console, reports from Konami, Square Enix, Insomianic and Level 5 all find themselves able to release so much potential with the PS3, granted its higher than normal learning curve. If everyone quits and take the easier routes, I would not have chosen to be an engineer.

And I don't believe you even really looked into getting BD movies because there are right now B1G1 offers at BestBuy and Amazon, where you can get the latest hits for $12 each. And I have no idea where you pulled $30 for Transformers on BD, since its a HD-DVD exclusive. And right now, a lot of BDs are less than $20, you obviously either aren't looking or just don't know where to look.

The thing that gets to me, and force me to make these replies, is when I see so much FUD in posts. They always consists of the same thing. Poor/limited information, biased arguments, and a goal of causing confusion and panic among PS3 owners and buyers. If the PS3 isn't going to do well (which I feel is still very much up in the air), then time will tell, not you.

Real Gambler4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

2.9- Lawman: "Developers say the 360 is a dream to make games for and I also own a PS3, but It only has 2 good games (WH and RFOM) and I have not touched it in weeks. Also, the whole Blue-ray thing...I REFUSE to pay $30 bucks for DVDS ..PERIOD...I can get transformers for $15 bucks at target but on BR its $ thanks. I will buy BR when they are less then $20 bucks."

Please, post a serious link from any devs saying "Developers say the 360 is a dream to make games. Trust me, it wasn't a dream. It was easier, but very far from a dream!. Devs are just starting to be familiar with multiple cores architecture as we speak!!! You won't find one dev saying it was a dream!

And if you would really own a PS3, you would be quite aware that Paramout took 150 millions dollars to switch side from BluRay to HD-DVD. Transformers was rumored as being one of the biggest reason why the HD-DVD camp bought Paramount!. So I'm not sure where you can get Transformers on BluRay for $30 unless it's bootleg and as far as I know, Target is not selling bootleg yet... You're really funny kid : )

Ri0tSquad4106d ago

A lot of games on both consoles are losing exclusives. Xbox never had a lot at all to begin with so when Sony loses some its really exaggerated to the point where everyone thinks its overrr for the system. Its all about money and now theres more titles multiplat then ever and its all about how much better is the experience on each console with the game. (xbox live or PS Home for example) No developer is going to to want to spend a life time developing/porting a game that wont sell as much effort they put into it.
Exclusives are getting thinner for each console.
But making a PS3 exclusive game from day 1 to when ever the game is complete and with no other plans to port the game to another system in mind would be safe on Sony's part since the chances of it later going multiplat is very small due to the complexity of the PS3 which the 360 can be tweaked to handle but in the future it could be a problem which could cease development of the port & even w/compression the size of the game could also stop it.

mesh14106d ago

keep on foolign ur self valve ? u say u shud not speak until u played the half life series which when it was made nd even now looks much better than most games on the PSHIITE3(PS3)and the xbox and also all gaers knwo there no console game that comes close to counter strike source just none i have an xbox cod4 beta lookd great but the gun mechanics are not just close to counter strike in css the gameplay and polish is outstanding.

stonedog4106d ago

are talking about Bungie; in which M$ still has equity interest and a game development relationship. Business partnership does not require parties to like each other; it merely requires that there be a level of cooperation that allows them all to make money. Sony had a reputation for treating third parties badly; this was due to the PS2 dominance; third parties wanted to make money and Sony provided that opportunity but it was Sony's party and they called the shots. Now things have changed and the boot is on the other foot and it is Sony who is struggling not M$ or Nintendo.

EXPLICIT214106d ago

Thats because it puts more money into their pockets. The only developers that say that are EA and Ubi. They're also the only ones that care more about the money then they do about the games. DVD = .02 cents, they sell for 60 bucks. 360 easier to develop for means they can make a garbage game in 6 months thus pushing out more games on .02 cent DVDs making bamk in the process.

Sony has the most in-house developers period. You can't deny that. Third Partys could easily drop support for the PS3 and the PS3 would still be going. It just wouldn't have the 120 million units sold in 6 years time.

bruiser814106d ago

did i miss something? where did you guys here the tekken is going to the 360. I could have sworn the last article on that was pure speculation.

ruibing4106d ago

I'm really confused by what you are trying to say. I never insulted Valve at all. I simply said it was a challenge to develop for that has a high potential payoff in the end and disagreed with Valve's decision to pass it on to another developer for the port. And for your information, I've played through the entire Half Life series, including most of the mods and expansions, ever since Freeman entered Black Mesa and I have the Orange Box on my PC and I have been enjoying TF2 on my spare time.

progx4105d ago (Edited 4105d ago )

You get your information from SPG? GTFO, you reek of [email protected]

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AnalFace4106d ago

wow go sony!!! this would get me buzzin if true!

Marceles4106d ago

You could write an article about any gaming company asking a dev to stick with their console. If the article was "Sony paying developers to stick with PS3" it'd be a different story.

Proxy4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

It can easily be said that MS throwing money at devs is a good business move. (This is the true interpretation, it's a good move. Although I don't own a 360.)

On the other hand it could easily be spinned to say, "MS desperately tries to retain developers by paying them." See how that works?

Now, the real news here is that "PS3 wants developers to make games for the system." But is this really news? Sounds like Captain Obvious it making his rounds...

Madgunner4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

u do realize that even tho yes... some of those games u mentioned arent exlusive no more... sony gains a-lot more back.. anyone can tell ya that and can you show me proof of tekken going to 360... not calling u a liar.. i would just like to see that
PS: .. dont forget that 360 has lost SH1T as well

cooke154106d ago

can you please explain what series sony got back? sorry if im wrong about Tekken, i must be thinking of a different game.