Xbox Kinect could be Skype killer app

MSNBC: The skepticism is warranted. Microsoft has had a rough time with big acquisitions in the past, and Skype will be seen by many in the industry as tying its fortunes to an over-the-hill technology giant that has struggled in consumer markets.

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tdrules2720d ago

if Sony could have afforded it they should have bought Skype a long time ago, or at least licence the technology

Vherostar2720d ago

It probably wont come to 360 though just windows 8 as they would use Skype to improve messenger etc.. They would have to change XBLs current communication system which works perfectly fine. I mean sure your saying you could use Kinect but who you gonna call others on Kinect?? You can do that now without Skype.

Blaze9292720d ago

Supports Xbox and Kinect.

Major missed opportunity for Sony though. It was rumored for a long time Skype would be their way to finally get cross game chat.

It's even on the PSP. I wonder if they'll remove the feature now...

xAlmostPro2719d ago

Skype is on PSP though? :/ how ill this work?.. if microsoft plan to take it to 360/kinect then surely either they'll want it an exclusive feature?..

rlm412720d ago

Skype on 360 with Kinect capabilities would be awesome.. Using the voice recognition to dial a number or just using voice to input words in a Convo. Man think about it, this could be a killer app for Kinect.

I wonder what's going to happen with the PSP version of Skype if MS buys them out.

Muitnorts2720d ago

I can't imagine that Microsoft will stop Skype on all non-Microsoft products. Skype's main selling point is that it's universally available almost.
If MS start limiting it Skype will start to falter, but then what the hell do I know? :)

rlm412720d ago

Yeah true but they are paying 8 billion, so they may want to stop the service on their competitors..

TotalPS3Fanboy2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

PSP Skype license agreement.

It's not like Microsoft can just null that agreement without any legal consequences.

Sony might consent to nulling the agreement, if Microsoft pays Sony a certain amount of money.

Ju2720d ago

If that's true, telephone freedom is over...sad.

Solo2272720d ago

I was hoping for this on PS3 for years now... I guess its never gonna happen...

And I cant even imagine whats gonna happen to the functionality on the PSP2...

Sony has really dropped the ball on bringin in 3rd party software to bump up PS3s feature list...

Raven_Nomad2720d ago

If I were Microsoft I would pull all Skype support on competing platforms.

I use Skype all the time, I bet we see it on xbl soon.