Brink Review - write: "Brink is a great multiplayer shooter, but useless in single player."

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TBM3139d ago

I am quite surprised at the wide range of scores I thought this game had great potential from all the gameplay vids I saw.

lucifon3139d ago

I think the differing opinions comes from the gamers playing the game. Call of Duty fans who generally arn't too keen on working as a team and arn't the best shooter players won't enjoy it. But those which enjoy heavy teamplay and objective modes love it.

Also there's a distinct difference in those criticizing the singleplayer portion, when the game was designed pretty much for MP at heart. What pisses me off is once again another example of reviewers lowering scores for poor singleplayer yet praising the multiplayer, but then when a game comes out with poor multiplayer and great singleplayer it doesn't hurt the score whatsoever (e.g Dead Space 2).

S_C3139d ago

Looks like ill give this one a miss unless i find a very cheap one on ebay. Would rather not take the risk of paying full price

S_C3139d ago

U've got a point lol, for some reason didnt think about that