New Call of Duty details in 'the coming weeks'

There was no Modern Warfare 3 announcement last night, but we can likely expect one in "the coming weeks".

That was essentially the message from Activision CEO Bobby Kotick, who didn't name-check the heavily rumoured title on Activision's earnings call last night, but did say news is on the way about multiple Call of Duty initiatives in 2011.

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dangert123351d ago

LOL we can say that anytime
'new call of duty announcement in the coming weeks'
since micosoft had a dlc deal that stretched too 2012 or 15 there will be years of CoD news in the coming weeks

Trunkz Jr3351d ago

Meh, bring on some good Battlefield 3 news.

Sevir043351d ago

OH wow another one!? -_- Thank goodness i've left that alone!

Raven_Nomad3351d ago

Sweet! build up that anticipation! I love it when we get these little tidbits about COD.

People clamor to the COD info no matter how minuscule.

HarryB3351d ago

The funny thing is we all say we are not going to get the next cod and we still manage to find a way to buy the damn game some where down the line. The only way ill buy the next cod game is if there is a gun like the ghost busters gun thingy.