New Prototype 2 Screens Released

Activision have released new screenshots for the upcoming Prototype 2, the aptly named sequel of Prototype.

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ZombieAssassin2720d ago

Looks like the graphics are coming along much better, although it could be the PC version they are showing or the screens just look really nice because they're so small. Either way I'm excited my brother and I went and bought Prototype and inFAMOUS yesterday and they're some of the funnest games I've played (even though I already beat inFAMOUS about a year ago).

perfectCarbonara2720d ago

Forever in the shadow of inFamous 2

Kahvipannu2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

I actually liked Prototype more, mostly becouse of the setting, but I agree, inFamous 2 will get a lot more attention than Proto2.

About pics, it looks like the game will look a lot more better than first one. I'm guessing this game will be a lot like AC1 & AC2, by that I mean that in the first game all the pieces were there, but it didn't deliver that well, f.ex. monotonous gameplay. But in the second game, they just need to improve the formula, eagerly waiting this sequel!

Danielmccue2720d ago

Looking forward to this , prototype is everything I wanted from a game as a ki. I actually had plans to make a game just like it one day. It's like they read my mind

bronxsta2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Looks awesome

I loved Infamous for the story, but Prototype was the best most fun stress reliever ever.

Nothing matches the joy of sprinting full speed down the street, jumping across the city, ripping people in half, and elbow dropping tanks from the empire state building.

IMO fun should always come before graphics or story and Prototype is still my favorite "mindless fun" game. Except for maybe Arkham Asylum, no other games makes you feel like such a badass

I can't wait for Prototype 2