Would you buy a multiplayer only Call of Duty or Halo?

Although lesser franchises have failed to capture gamers in the long term, what about the top games producing multiplayer only spin-offs for download? Is there a market for these?

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shades722721d ago

Yes I would if the price was right and I would be getting good value from it.

tigertron2721d ago

Well multiplayer only games like Warhawk and Battlefield 1943 have sold well so I'm sure Halo and COD multiplayer only games would sell well too.

ZombieAssassin2721d ago

Well since it's Activision they wouldn't be like everyone else and release their online only games for $40, they'd prolly charge $60 still and that's when they'd start charging for online too knowing them.

Halo games though I played for the SP, the MP always felt lacking and out-dated to me.

After this whole PSN being down thing though I don't really know if I'd want an online only game again unless it actually has offline bot support.

supremacy2721d ago

Those were exactly my thoughts, well put.

rabidpancakeburglar2721d ago

No but that's because I've never been a fan of multiplayer only games because there is nothing to fall back on if you don't like the multiplayer experience, plus cod kinda sucks now

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The story is too old to be commented.