The Cursed Crusade Cruises in With New Trailer

In the Cursed Crusade you'll be stepping into the shoes of either Esteban, a mercenary, or Danz, a holy templar. These two veteran warriors, who live in a medieval Europe in the grip of a newly begun Fourth Crusade, find themselves fighting in a co-operative third-person action-adventure that is a 'tale of damnation and deliverance'. We've got the new trailer after the jump, so what you waiting for?

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Motion3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

I wouldn't call them "good guys" but I wouldn't call them "bad guys" either. They were just an army endorsed by the Roman Catholic Church. I guess it really depends on who's side of the Crusades you see yourself on.

jc485733343d ago

Ezio/Altair are preparing their army of assassins.

Dead_Cell3343d ago

Lol someone has been indoctrinated by Assassins Creed. Faiiiil.

BlackTar1873343d ago

dammit the trailer killed my hopes for this game:(

bobrea3343d ago

It sounds liek it could be cool, but the gameplay looks pretty bland. Unfortunately, this looks like it will be a very average game with no special qualities about it. Hopefully i'm wrong.

GezForce3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

The crusades were necessary, the holy lands were kept off limits from christian residents & pilgrims who were killed and percecuted for their beliefs by the ruling muslims. the templar order was created to safe guard christian pilgrims on their way to the holy sepulca and restore christian rights to allow worship back to these holy lands. Sad thing is history seems to repeat itself, we now encounter mass christian killings in places such as egyt, iran and indonesia simply because they have a different faith. Templars were the heroes of the day that must be respected and not forgotten.

Quagmire3343d ago

Yea...because Templars never killed anyone innocent or without reason... /s

Although Assassin's were no good either. They were killing both Christians AND Muslims.

GezForce3343d ago

i think it looks good.... better than first templar anyway :)