OXM UK: Brink Review

OXM: "This is not your common or garden first person shooter. If you're expecting to hop onto the game's doomed floating city and be treated to a bedtime story about the end of the world as you leisurely perforate waves of treacle-thick terrorists you're going to be distinctly out of your depth."

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dirigiblebill3133d ago

Thoroughly deserved. A magnificent flawed game.

Grannyvukka3133d ago

Arghhh good..too many fps's out there to keep adding more to my already over inflated collection...I'm afraid an 8 is not good enough anymore, especially after seeing a 6.5 score for it as well....A good game probably, but far from a great game fortunately, as with LA Noire, Outland, inFamous 2, Duke Nukem, another COD, amongst many other games coming soon....I need reasons to start culling some down.
I thought this would get a 9-9.5 in all honesty, especially from that particular source. Unless IGN, GS, GT all score this 9's & higher, then it's adios Brink for me.

Ducky3133d ago

It hasn't scored well there either.

I'd recommend reading the reviews though as there's a few design choices which reviewers didn't like but I did.

spenn20103133d ago

OXM will give nearly every game an 8 or more because the 360 needs to sell games. As a 360 owner myself i'm asking where da games at? these average multiplats are getting worse and worse. Maybe LA Noire will be worth a purchase and once the PS3 exclusives start releasing and PSN gets up and running again i might just have to retire my 360 until they decide to release a 1st party game other than halo or gears. Brink seems to be just another mixed up FPS and from watching gameplay for an extended period of time i think the G4 review is right on point.