Toonstruck re-release inbound???

Anyone remember ToonStruck?

It was a mid-1990s point-and-click adventure game which starred Christopher Lloyd and a whole assortment of bizarre characters. The first game had a lot of content cut, which was to be reused in a follow-up. Unfortunatley the game did not sell well, and plans for a sequel were canned.

However in August of last year, music director Keith Arem, who owns the rights to Toonstruck, has expressed an interest in recovering the project and re-releasing the game for modern systems with the second half/sequel put back in.

Soon after this a petition site was created on Petitionspot and a Facebook group was made to help show fan interest and months later it looks like it may have finally paid off.

This past Monday Keith Arem stated the following after responding to a fans question on Facebook;

"We're currently working on an enhanced re-release of TS1, but we may add some of the...

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Cardenjs3136d ago

Words do not express how awesome this news is, I can't find this game on any torrents.

callahan093136d ago

Please release this on GOG!

Rosstifer17123136d ago

Apparently Keith Arem has expressed interest in getting it on so maybe will know more of the plans on what will happen with it once Comic Con rolls around in July.