Enslaved sales break 700k barrier

Ninja Theory's excellent PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 adventure game Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, which launched in October 2010, shifted 730,000 units worldwide by the end of March 2011.

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TOO PAWNED3134d ago

Karma is a bitch. HS sold 1.5 million after year and a half and that was not good enough for them. I am bashing them because they couldn't shut up about "low" sales HS had, and that being the main reason for them going multiplatform. Well 5 hour game on single platform sold more then longer multiplat game, ha!

units3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

heavenly sword was bundled

TOO PAWNED3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Yeah sure, every copy was given for free on the streets. Actually HS sold 5 million, and every single copy was free, you are correct.

EDIT: Of course it was bundled. But so was Enslaved with 360. I remember there was a bundle, at least here in Sweden. It's stupid to dismiss HS sales, as if 1 million copies were bundled or something like that.

PirateThom3134d ago

Officially, Sony did bundle it, so you're right, it was bundled... in France.

afterMoth3134d ago

I can't vouch for the entire game but the demo is boring. The graphics are okay but the actual combat feels unresponsive and generic. The platform feels like a ultra dumbed down Uncharted and lets face it Uncharted is great but the platforming is simple but fun.

TheBlackSmoke3134d ago

The sales of this game have a lot to do with the fact that it has been reduced to bargain bin price literally within a month or so of its release.

People dont usually give a shit about how worthwhile a game is when it only costs 10-20 bucks.

Even then, HS has doubled this game in sales. There's no point trying the "buh buh bundled" excuse when Enslaved is MULTIPLAT and supposedly EVERY game on 360 sells 10 million copies, lol.

RAmar1013134d ago

heavenly sword didnt have any official bundle in the uk. it may have had as many games do unofficial bundles from stores, but overall heavenly sword did ok but was an expensive game to make back then, its got better grafix than enslaved.

still i wish enslaved success and so to to the devs, il be picking up enslaved soon i hope it breaks the million barrier

DelbertGrady3134d ago

It's a silly comparison. Heavenly Sword launched when there weren't many games out for the PS3.

Anywho, I own Enslaved and it's a great game. You can pick it up for around $10-15 around the web.

NukaCola3134d ago

Ninja Theory made a great game with Heavenly Sword. It sold about 1.6mil. Then they bashed Sony, it's audience, and then said Enslaved will be better than Uncharted. It's a decent game at best with mediocre combat and terribly repetitive and button mashind platforming. Story was good, but that's the only thing that stood out to me.

Knushwood Butt3134d ago

About 400K of Enslaved's 700K sales were from the bargain bin..

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Firstkn1ghT3134d ago

HS came out when their were no games for the ps3 and still early in the whole next gen. Competition now is extremely tough with big quality games coming out more often.

I rented this game myself, and the story was great. A few gameplay issues made it somewhat annoying but the story made up for it.

Blaine3134d ago

Any competent dev with a launch title under their belt should have been able to compete with these "big quality games coming out more often".

Speaking of no games for the PS3: another dev who made a launch title, Insomniac, has been doing very well on every game since. Remember a little game called Resistance? Yeah, I'd say it's doing pretty well as a franchise, and Insomniac are doing well for themselves.

Az1mov3134d ago

Yeah indeed, Karma's bitch - Uncharted 2, One platform only = sold a total of 4.60m (4,606,250m). based on their statements, Ninja Theory just seem to be a bunch of lazy developers. Heavenly sword was crazy good though,enjoyed it very much as launch title for my PS3. But they lost inspiration since then.

Tyre3134d ago

Lazy developers Ninja Theory? man Enslaved is 1 of the coolest and best looking game on Xbox360...Heavenly Sword still a PS3 exclusive game to get...Ninja Theory are anything but lazy, how could u say such a thing?

Tyre3134d ago

The Developers of BRINK are lazy and cheapskates

ZombieAssassin3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Funny you say that because I think some people left Ninja Theory to go join Splash Damage after HS released.

I don't think they're lazy but after losing a bunch of their staff after HS and going multiplatform along with having to use a licensed engine instead of making their own it kinda put a restraint on how much they could do. I do think they should of tried to stay on for HS2 though, I mean production cost would of been down because they had a pretty decent engine to use and I believe they already had the story planned out for 3 games.

As far as how good Enslaved is I've only played the demo and it didn't seem bad just clunky controls, I have faith in the story though as I really enjoyed Heavenly Sword.

Kran3134d ago

It's getting somewhere at least ;D

Tyre3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

This game is brilliant...definitely deserves more sales. Andy Serkis and Ninja Theory are a match made in heaven! Heavenly Sword is brillant too, the whole 5 hour gameplay argument is BS, stop playing it on easy then...u can finish Gears of War 1 in 5 hours on easy...but it's still one hell of a cool game! HS still is a VERY good exclusive on PS3 an amazing game and i loved it!

RememberThe3573134d ago

Brilliant is a little strong. Heavenly Sword was a great game, but Enslaved had combat that was way too watered down. The characters were great but there were only 3. The story was great but it got slow at times.

They still have a lot to learn before we can call them brilliant.

mastiffchild3134d ago

HS had some great mo-cap, great ideas and great gameplay. Where it lacked was in the character development and story department. Enslaved sorts that our by having some great writing and character progression but, guess what, NT forgot any effin gameplay!

NT have some great ideas but were sinking fast under the pressure of managing HS as an Xbox(IIRC) game before Sony basically saved the IP and, possibly, studio by stepping in and getting Sony Cambridge to hold their hands. I'm sure NT have learned a lot since then but they still haven't made what I'd call a complete game and HS was nearer the mark as a game than Enslaved can hope to be, which is sad because there's a lot to like about it.

Maybe Capcom can push them with DmC but we know what the burning issue is there already, now don't we? It's time for NT to finally make that killer, no arguments , story AND gameplay product and stop moaning. They've done the whole thing just not in the same bloody game-time to put it right, hopefully.

Quagmire3134d ago

I play games, not sales. Heavenly Sword was epic, so was Enslaved. Cant wait for DmC

Tyre3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

But sales are necessary to keep Ninja Theory afloat, it is so unacceptable that this game didn't get more attention from gamers...lot of people on Xbox360 do not realize who Ninja Theory is and why Enslaved is one of highest quality games on Xbox360. They just skipped it or didn't know because the release came in a bad time...

Aussiegamer3134d ago

Awesome so its sold 500,000 copies at $15. lol

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