Saints Row: The Third Concept Art Revealed

Following the recent screenshots taken from Saints Row: The Third, THQ has revealed a small selection of concept art used in the development of the game. Saints Row: The Third is currently in development at Volition for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, and due for release later this year.

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HarryB2770d ago

I can care less about the concept art. Show me the game, stop talking about the nut animations and the damn art, kiss my ass with the art. Show me the game, stop messing around already.

chak_2770d ago

we've already seen ingame shots


Yeah it's aweful

zero_cool2770d ago

The saints row series has never been mainly focused on graphics it's about gameplay depth,diversity & hours upon hours of fun which saints row excels in so your judgment is premature & holds little weight.

chak_2770d ago

I don't like the ART and ARTIST DIRECTION, not the game.

And my opinion has as much weight as yours ;)

MasterD9192770d ago

I agree with Zero...They've never been about showing off graphics. The game is based around fun. It doesn't take itself too seriously.