Ready Up: Lego Pirates of the Caribbean review

"I knew a few months back when I took a trip to Disney’s offices to play Lego Pirates of the Caribbean with the game’s producer, Jonathan Smith, that it was something special. It could have been the pirate themed office we were in, the larger than life Captain Jack Sparrow replica looming over us or Jonathan’s never ending enthusiasm and passion for the Lego games he has laboured over through the years. It could have been those things but having now completed the game I can say that what makes Lego Pirates special is that it’s just so much fun to play."

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Quagmire3137d ago

I'd rather buy this than Brink

FlareUK3137d ago

Yeah, I know what you mean!

TheEatingChampagne3137d ago

Such a shame I didn't really get it instead... Fuck Brink