Let's Ride the Tales Series Sales Roller Coaster

Andriasang writes "If your local theme park has run out of ideas for roller coasters, suggest that they try recreating this Tales of series sales chart."

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KiWi17113136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Oouch. I really like the 'Tales of...' franchise, these sales tanking year after year are painful to look at. I really hope 'Tales of Xillia' doesn't follow the trend.

coryok3135d ago

lol it looks like they keep trying to put it on different kinds of consoles.

it starts high on ps1,
they put it on gameboy and it tanks,
back up to high numbers on ps1 again,
tanks on gameboy advance,
back up to the top on ps2,
tanks on gameboy advance again,
then subsequently tanks on a few more nintendo consoles, back up (not super high though) numbers on ps2,
rises higher for another ps2release,
tanks on gameboy advance,
highest numbers its ever seen on a portable on psp,
back up to good numbers on ps2,
tanks on psp,
tanks on nds
back up on ps2
and the trend continues lol

they need to stay on home consoles, specifically playstation home consoles, thats where all their sales are at lmao
only sold more than 250k one time on a non playstation home console (gamecube)

regardless, ill be buying tales of graces f when it releases in NA