Brink: Livestream

TGH writes:The embargo’s up, and Chris (DeathsNightmare) is playing Brink, the new FPS from Bethesda/Splash Damage, live on PS3, just for you. The party’s going to about 3:30 est so come check it out!

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ShadyDevil3628d ago

I can't wait to get this game. Nice stream, too bad its PS3 stream, no Online :(

AdrianHD3628d ago

Hopefully I get to try this game out! =D

lpfisher3628d ago

Watching this is really making me want the game more....

ShadyDevil3628d ago

One thing I hate is waiting. Ah well, tomorrow hopefully for me.

Ser3628d ago

Awesome! Thanks for the feed. I eagerly await picking up my copy.

ShadyDevil3628d ago

Taking questions, comments, concerns now at the live stream. So you are welcome.

hoof1233627d ago

COD player going out of their way to disagree on every comment?