Reboot the game: I don't want to save the world

Bitmob writes "I don’t want to be the chosen one. I don’t want to get the girl. I don’t want to make kingdoms rise and fall on my whim. I don’t want to dictate who lives and dies. Most of all, I don’t want to save the world."

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Quagmire3133d ago

A game where you dont save the world/girl/yourself?

Pretty much anything called Casual, I suppose. No high profile AAA game I can think of doesn't have you saving at least on of the above.

Tolkoto3132d ago

Having "yourself" as one of the criteria is a bit much (any game where failure is followed by death would meet it), but plenty of AAA games don't require you to save the world or a generic damsel in distress. Just look at the recently released Portal 2.

rod_furlong3132d ago

Nothing wrong with saving yourself, that's not necessarily a power fantasy. So Portal...uh...hmm.

SybaRat3132d ago

That's also one one the things I liked about Alan Wake. Small scale, but big stakes (on a strictly personal level.