Brink Inc.gamers review

Successful first-person shooters tend to follow a strict formula nowadays. They should concentrate of multiplayer at least as much as single-player, they should be a sequel, their campaign should be suffocating-ly linear and they shouldn’t try to deviate from too much from the status quo. Follow three of those four rules and (so long as you include the multiplayer element), so long as your production values are sufficient, you'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

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QuakeStyle2771d ago

I think this game will live on pc.

Pandamobile2771d ago

Apparently the console versions are pretty bad, at least according to the initial reviews. I'm quite enjoying the PC version. Fluid controls, pretty good graphics, etc

CptFlashHeart2771d ago

Hope that isn't true cos I've got it ordered and it's been dispatched :( Been looking forward to this for ages.

shayol33t2771d ago

Yeah I preordered for pc so im not to worried by all the xbox360 reviews (marked down for things like pop-in graphics..)

Looking real forward to it :)

Tyre2771d ago

The flashes of brilliance are reminiscences of Mirror's Edge but feel out of is mediocre. Cheap game with cheaptricks. Doesn't deserve a high score or ur money.