SEGA vs. SNK vs. Square-Enix? Lord of Vermillion makes it a reality

These days, you can’t go a day without seeing worlds collide in a crossover of epic proportions. Square-Enix, not content with their gigantic fantasy mash-ups with Disney and Dragon Warrior, have Summoned nearly every big publisher under the sun with their ultimate Limit Break on gaming, Lord of Vermillion Re: 2.

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Peaceful_Jelly2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

I was getting really pumped up until I saw this: "the game is an arcade card-based series", meh. =/

RedPawn2771d ago

The one with the S in the company title wins.

RedPawn2771d ago

HELL, bring it home regardless.

Moerdigan2771d ago

they should call the game something slick, like "S's"

Lyr1c2770d ago

Or they could call it "S³"

Vandamme212770d ago

Capcom would beat all of them

Giru0172770d ago

At re-releasing the same game over and over again?

LightofDarkness2770d ago

It's a card-game. This is not making it a reality.

If I see SNK vs. anyone I'm expecting to be able to invite friends over and punch them to death with Kyo Kusanagi and Terry Bogard over who has to go buy more beer before the looming threat of sobriety becomes a reality. I am most certainly not imagining myself playing Yu-gi-oh.