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1UP - Even without the technical issues, Brink feels like a game that no one outside of the developers ever really got their hands on. Maps are too linear and don't feel right for the S.M.A.R.T. system, objectives are boring and occasionally confusing, and the A.I. is so remarkably stupid that playing the game without human teammates is pretty pointless. All the pieces for a solid multiplayer shooter are there, they're just ruined by design that ignores what could have been potentially really cool, which hinders any desire to work through the problems and find anything interesting about the game. Honestly, it's definitely not worth your time.

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Shok3132d ago

Because of one review?

It's a little too early to judge.

SantanaClaus893132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

IGN gave it a 6

Joystiq gave it a 2 out of 5

I smell a bomb.

Schism203132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Looks like someone bought the game already too bad for you.

StanLee3132d ago

Sadly, the game is being hammered by reviewers. Most noting that the game is just incredibly shallow. Great ideas but not implemented well. I looks great with a great premise but it doesn't seem like the game delivers.

Fel083132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )


No, because of the past 10+ previous reviews, giving this game poor scores.

Shok3132d ago

And I've also seen sites give it 8's and 9s, what's your guys's points?

I saw Killzone 3 get 6's and 7's. Same for Halo Reach. So what? Did those games turn out terrible?

crematory3132d ago

brink is a definition of bore

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Ser3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

I smell a person that determines a purchase based solely on reviews written by others.

Give it a chance, you might like it. I've had many experiences in which I've purchased a game that received poor reviews and enjoyed it anyway.

Fox013132d ago

"Give it a chance". I would if you could spare me the €70 needed to "give it a chance".

Rainstorm813132d ago


its called gamefly, try before you buy

Fox013132d ago

It's called "not everyone lives in the US". We don't have Gamefly or any game rental service where I live.

Rainstorm813132d ago

Damn that sucks..well i guess you cant give it a chance a situation like that i would skip it too if i was unsure and had to buy it just to see

Fox013132d ago

Yea, unfortunately I can't spend 70€ on a game I'm not too sure about.

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Quagmire3132d ago

Pretty much this ^^

I was keen to spend it on LANoire anyway

KeiserSosay47883132d ago

I've been playing the STEAM version and other than the occasional lag(which seems to happen at EVERY game's launch), it is fun. The smart system is easy to use and works. The shooting, recoil and bullet detection are very good as well. They're are a few things that will, hopefully, be ironed out in a few weeks. But, I think it's great

superrey193132d ago

I too got it on Steam and I think it's a solid game as well. Its the most creative FPS I've seen since Borderlands and good gameplay mechanics to boot.

showtimefolks3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

invisible walls on gametrailers and one of them who went and did a preview for this game just a month ago said this game needs more time

and when i saw it the idea was cool but i felt like give this a little more time for polish and fix the bugs and this could be a real gem in 2012

fallout new vegas: bethesda(game had a lot of issues on consoles)
brink(same thing how can they invest millions and yet don't do quality testing)

we the gamers who will pick this game up early would be their free testers where instead of them paying someone we are paying them

if you still plan on buying this more power to you i will pick this up in fall for 10-15 review)



here we go again with this if a dev can not get the game running right on console just make it pc exclusives. I feel like pc fans always make up stuff just so they can say we have it better than console owners

hopefully over time they will fix some issues and this will become a better game. what is sad is so many gamers were looking forward to this but i guess LA:N isn't that far off hold on to your money

red faction
infamous 2

brink will be in bargain bin really soon and that's sad because the ideas were so great but as usual the final product isn't what its suppose to be


playing new vegas i had to save every 5 minutes because you never know when its gonna freeze. sad thing with that is millions of gamers bought it than made excuses for bethesda and obsidian entertainment

a broken game is broken no matter how you put it

i have huge hopes for RAGE hopefully ID will get the job done

therapist3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

plus, these are console reviews, of course there is pop-in, unfinished textures, there are in 90% of console games, the pc version looks freaking BEAUTIFUL, crisp 1200p, runs at 60-120 frames per second, when your using forced 32x anti alising you can bet it looks AMAZING!!

Better gfx than uncharted 2, killzone 3, god of war 3, hell, it's close to crysis 2 on pc.

Honestly the console games that look awesome took 4 years to make and were tailored to their specific console, the only multiplatform game i have been really impressed with on console is castlevania LoS.....other than that, if it ain't first party-in house, it's gonna look and run like poo!

yes the CONSOLE versions of BRINK i have seen look and run TERRIBLE. It is to be expected in a multiplat game...the tech in those things is 6-7 years old, won't be long thou, console only peeps, new ones are on the way sooner than you think!!

Greywulf3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Brink its just another title in the long list of multiplatform fodder thats been thrown at the PS3's exclusives in a sad attempt to show that other consoles can cut the HD mustard. They can't. Happens every year. This year its SubHDCrysis2, Brink, and Rage. 2 strikes, rage is next. And looking at its downgraded Console screens, its going to be a strikeout.

Rocksteady does an amazing job with multiplatforms. Console developers have a problem talking about how amazing their game is going to perform on consoles.

Then the reality strikes and its a gigantic flop. It happens 99% of the time. Whenever a developer claims its going to do something never-before-seen. Its just a new level of terrible visuals.

Expectations should always be low for non PS3 exclusives, since pound for pound, the PS3's exclusives share the gold standard in visuals for console gaming. Something that can't really be said about other consoles. Uncharted 3 is running on 7 year old tech, and looks better than all console games ever created. The technology is clearly there, just needs the capable hands. Yes we can pretend this isn't the case...But come time to actually look at resolutions/online#'s/stre am loading/lighting/ amount of detail*things on screen*/animation.. all other games can't go head to head.

Sure Brink looks better on PC, but it still doesn't hold the dynamics/lighting/variety/anim ation that UC or even Killzone has. It just runs in a higher resolution, still a boring flopfest.

3132d ago
ClaveroRulz3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

"the pc version looks freaking BEAUTIFUL, crisp 1200p, runs at 60-120 frames per second, when your using forced 32x anti alising you can bet it looks AMAZING!! "

Do you have a proof or you are just another PC Fanboy trolling? this is unoptimized sh*t, I can barely reach 60fps with high settings, and the game is locked by default at 30fps LOLWUT

This game is a mess on consoles and pc. Another good idea in a rushed game.

RedPawn3132d ago


I'm playing it right now, and I'm very shocked, by how much emphasis went into everything else, weak Multiplayer sized, timed missions, with heavy customization.

I have respect for Splash Damage, but this game is going right back tomorrow, sorry. This premature week early launch ahead of L.A Noire, doesn't show anything but let's hurry and get a quick buck and move on.

therapist3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

what proof would i need?????....this is true for EVERY MULTIPLATFORM GAME!!

The pc version of every game DESTROYS and utterly decimates the console console only guys talk about the differences between a ps3 and xbox360 version as though it is earth shttering, when, to me it is negligble.....

Take for instance Bulletstorm, on console it looks like it's coated in vasaline, has negitive 5 anti aliasing and suffers from pop-in, frame stuttering 20 frames per second and load times from hell!

On pc bulletstorm looks better than any console game ever made this gen, and better than any console game that will come out this gen....

this is true for EVERY AAA Multiplat!

ClaveroRulz3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )


You were talking about Brink and now you talk about bulletstorm?

It's not true for every multiplatform game. "the pc version looks freaking BEAUTIFUL, crisp 1200p, runs at 60-120 frames per second, when your using forced 32x anti alising you can bet it looks AMAZING!! "
, that's what you said, I want a proof of that. Brink is optimized to run at 60-120fps with 32xAA and 1200p? show me.

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