GamesRadar - Brink Review

GamesRadar - The mechanics of Brink's shooting, free running, and objective-oriented classes and skills are fantastic. If it weren't so confined by its premise, it might have been a masterpiece. Instead, it feels smaller than it should, and left me begging for its potential to be fully realized. It's a shame that it doesn't quite feel complete, but Brink is still a very good game, and it deserves notation - just below Team Fortress 2 - as an exemplary team-based shooter.

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earbus3141d ago

Well its a good start got to be better than my last new game testdrive 2.

StanLee3141d ago

When you read or watch the reviews for this game, even the more critical ones, there seems to be a great team-based structure at the heart of Brink. I guess some reviewers just expected more. I guess not being able to run around like Rambo is disappointing to some.

Seijoru3141d ago

Of course they would rate this higher than KZ3 when everyone else is giving this game 5s and 6s