Koalition - Brink Review – In Need of A Medic

Koalition - Brink simply isn’t a game for everyone, I happen to be in that group. I have experienced far more frustration with Brink than I have had fun with Brick. The learning curve is just too much and too long to get over. The terrible AI bots and the downright absence of a true narrative hurt this game badly, partly due to the multiplayer not being as captivating as Left 4 Dead or Team Fortress 2. Those games survived without stories due to their strong multiplayer, whereas Brink’s isn’t as strong nor as fun.

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Tyre3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

one of the most deserved 1s and it should get a 1 overall... i am exaggerating but im so pissed they kept boosting how it revolutionised mp but it's just a Unreal Tournament clone with faulty implemented (EXACT COPY)Mirror's Edge gameplay and a paperthin could have work in a good SP story, i mean the concept... but wake up it's not special.