New Call of Duty has "massive scale."

CarlosX360 Writes: "The new Activision Chief Executive Officer Eric Hirshberg dropped a few clues as to what the next Call of Duty game is going to be like. It is an epic FPS title with action, immersion, connectivity, and a massive scale of which we may never have seen before in a Call of Duty game. The C.E.O. is calling the new Call of Duty a universe. He also said that the game will set the bar for the genre. He says the team at Activision will pour a lot of investment into Call of Duty to bring an experience to an entirely new level."

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Shok3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

..........on the same 1998 engine.

newhumanbreed3137d ago

They seriously need to make a new game engine. The current one was amazing when it came out, but now it's dry.

LoaMcLoa3137d ago

Modern Warfare 2 still looks pretty good, but Black Ops looks like utter shit.

But yeah, even the MW2-engine is starting to dry out. Would be cool to see something that can compete with Frostbite.

ZombieKiller3137d ago

So massive, it only took em' a year to develop!

Raven_Nomad3137d ago

You realize IW last made a COD game in 2009 right? probably started on this new one before MW2 even launched. That would be the same two year development as many games these days, like Uncharted, Resistance, Battlefield ect...

mrv3213137d ago

You do realize the IW team went through a let's say incident... that effected developement severly.

upturned23137d ago

And 2 other games until they actually tried to aim for 'New Call of Duty has "massive scale."'

They get sooo much money and they finally might get one right for the more serious players. MW2 was fun but ehhhhhh.

the_kutaragi_baka3137d ago

"New Call of Duty has "massive scale.""

massive fail.


RyuCloudStrife3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

the CoD haters :)


EDIT: Gotta love these guys lol

keep those tears of hate coming :) the game will sell more then any game maybe not more then Black Ops but close but Black Ops is CoD SO IT DOESNT MATTER lOl

upturned23137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Preach Brother Baka! lol

Let's at least give them a chance. This might have different gameplay. After all, it has massive scale.


HolyOrangeCows3137d ago

Massive scale by COD standards is like, what...50 square yards?

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PRHB HYBRiiD3137d ago

Massive scale of lag and unbalanced mp?

awiseman3137d ago

And huge legions of Campers.

ZombieKiller3136d ago

@notsowiseman: Campers....really? You are going to complain about the way people play this game? Wrong article. Where does it say in the manual that everyone has to run around? Maybe that's why you hate campers so much, cause they kill you. Maybe switch your own strategy instead of rage quitting and you will realize "camping" is actually called "playing defensively"

@Raven: You do realize that wasn't the same infinity ward right? No, they didn't start working on it after MW2 because they announced that Raven and Sledgehammer were being brought in to help. They announced that after BO came out. I have a hard time believing a 2 year cycle. They would LIKE you to think that they have been working on it for a while but no, it's the same amount of time that they spent on BO and MW2 if not less because of what happened with the company. On top of that, Raven doesn't know COD and if Treyarch screwed up with BO AFTER THEY HAVE MADE PREVIOUS TITLES, then what do you think Bobby K. will shit out for ya this year? Not to mention the ps3 getting shit on AGAIN thru COD. Fuck COD, I'm done with it...

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME3137d ago

hm... if this is true then it means that call of duty is finally going to stop making the same game. i might actually want it again.

Leafs1173137d ago

Activision just keeps throwing gimmicks into COD in a feeble attempt to hide the fact that their engine has become stagnant and archaic in today's market. Address the real problem, and maybe you'll get your alienated fans back.

Fez3137d ago

They couldn't care less that all the 'cool kids' are hating on them... they're raking it in with their yearly updates. All the people prejudging anything CoD or activision are starting to get boring.

There's a reason all fps try and copy the CoD formula, it makes money. I also think it's fun, has very fluid gameplay and is easy to pick-up and play. Sometimes that's all a game should be...


Speakindatruth3137d ago

The thing is that the CoD Engine works and functions well on this generation, probably one of the best functioning games available this generation. MW2 has a constant 60FPS, and Portal 2 has a constant 30FPS. That's how bad consoles are now. We need new consoles. NOW.

madjedi3137d ago

Correction cod needs a new engine now, it maintains 60 fps by not doing anything note worthy, no destruction, sub par visuals and not alot of on screen action ect. Why would portal 2 need 60 fps anyway.

I'll gladly take better visuals, destructible environments or crazy rachet and clank on screen action ect with only 30 fps versus cod's ghost towns and dated textures at a hawt 60 fps. -_-

"That's how bad consoles are now. We need new consoles. NOW." No dumbass when every other shooter is leaving cod behind in the dust, in everything area but sales, this is a software problem(namely cod's engine) not a hardware problem(current consoles). Think harder next time.

Fez3136d ago

I think fps are much more important than having destructible environments or slightly better visuals (CoD still looks pretty good unless you play with a magnifying glass). That's the appeal CoD has, very fluid when you compare it to other games. 60 fps will be awesome when it becomes the standard next gen.

Obviously the hardware is limiting the games, because other games aren't leaving CoD in the dust in the frames-per-second department. They've sacrificed the graphics for a more fluid game which seems to be working, just like other games which sacrifice fps to get better visuals.

Had to reply because your post seemed so smarmy...

Greek God3137d ago

Those CoD freaks have like 10 CoD games and play nothing else lol

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