PGR4 spikes Xbox 360 sales 400% in Japan

Driving title Project Gotham Racing 4 helped boost Xbox 360 sales in Japan nearly 400 percent in the latest retail sales data from the region.

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toughNAME4114d ago

mathematically, MS can win the console war if the focus solely on the US

why so much effort in Japan? its such a small percentage of the gaming market

JsonHenry4114d ago

I hate how biased they are against American companies. After WWII, AMERICA is the reason they got their industry revamped, steel production, and manufacturing abilities. Because AMERICA rebuilt their country.

Could you imagine if we hardly bought just HALF of the electronics we do that they make? The country would be in chaos! No one would have a job!

remix4114d ago

im not gonna get angry for the ignorance but i will just tell you something first to see what you say. did you know JAPAN accounts for over 40 million ps2's being sold(rhetorical question)

so are you sure thats small. if people are buying 360 over there EVEN with the same games, then there gonna buy it for the ps3 so the ps3 will get most of those 40 million back.

sticky doja4114d ago

Japanese interest in the 360 means alot more Japanese support in the way of games available for the 360. I personally really like many Jaspanese games. I grew up on, and continue to play Japanese games and the more they like the 360 the more games we will see for the system.

Bnet3434114d ago

only 22 million PS2's were sold in Japan, 40 million were each sold in NA and EU.

XxZxX4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

I hate those redneck American, just because we helped them build their country, doesn't necessary mean you can force them to your taste even on Gaming. So you're forcing Japanese to play FPS, grow up. They support us on Iraq War what else you want? you want them to support your game consoles too. Get real.

Gina-get-u4114d ago

Japan has the world's second largest economy, and it has the second largest game market. Only the US is bigger. At about 130 million, Japan has more than a third as many people as the US, and more people than any country in Europe except Russia, and no country has a higher percentage of its population that actively owns and uses a videogame console/gadget of some kind. Japan has almost as many as, if not more skilled game developers and game studios of all sizes than the US, and its game industry publishes more individual game titles annually than any other country. That, my friend, is why MS needs to tough it out there no matter how much it hurts.

WilliamRLBaker4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

For the past 15 years the japanese people have been in an economic slump they constantly lower their position in the economic list, soon other countries will surpass them.

Consoles are pretty much dead in japan, the market has switched to portable gaming, and the infinitely small (which is why the Wii sells so much) portable gaming machines. Like DS,PSP, Moblile phone games...ect are concurrenty outselling the consoles in every single way they maintain a higher sale through rate, higher profit, the games maintain a steady position on top 10 lists compared to console games.

Though right now the japanese economy is 2nd in the world, Germany 3rd, and UK 4th, the US, and UK purchase more games, and more systems then japan.

If 360 consistantly sells more then the wii and ps3 in the US and UK then it does not need japan, Japan stopped being the top dog in the industry in the ps1 era when the Atari gaming scare finally drew its last breath and Games became an acceptable medium of toy.

If 360 continuely Sell more in US and UK the japanese devs cannot ignore it, They make over 60-70% of their sales in said countries, Devs are in it to make money, they aren't in it to just make consumers happy, you cannot survive in buisness any more if all you do is make consumers happy.

360 cannot succeed if it only dominates in the US, it will get sales, and it will survive but it will not come out on top, or 2nd.

sanderFVCKINcohen4113d ago (Edited 4113d ago )

Thats just becuz they LOVE there games. Here in America most people still see gamers as nerds or for litte chilldren & teenagers, but I think this generation is starting to change that. America loves there music and movies, thats why we have the best music and movies(hiphop is starting to suck ass).

But one thing is fact, if the 360's install base keeps rising, without a doubt developers in Japan are going to have to port SOME of there PS3 exclusives to 360 just to enter the US market.

joydestroy4113d ago (Edited 4113d ago )

when i first saw the title, i thought wow.
then i read your comment and you brought me back to reality. they don't sell there so any hike in consumers buying them is going to get a high percentage, haha.

oh M$, what are you doing?

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power of Green 4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

I knew it was a little more than just the Elite...

They Need to learn how to drive I was watching some PGR-Ondemand and clearly they all have just bought this game in a hurry to get good braking too late always slaming into the walls.

sonarus4114d ago

Considering PGR4 didnt make the top 10 i would say it was more of the elite than PGR4

4114d ago
Meus Renaissance4114d ago

The 360 is definitely getting some love there and I'm glad, I dont get the bias they have against American companies. I want Microsoft to do well in Japan because of this. Support the under dog.

NextGen24Gamer4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

In Japan...For Microsoft...They need to just grow their fan base beyond what the original Xbox did. And as long as they keep releasing Great Games in Japan. They will slowly but surely support the xbox 360. Just keep doing what you are doing Microsoft. Your efforts in Japan is incredible. Most companies would have just through in the towel and gave up....But you keep showing Japan love. It all started with your worldwide launch. The first in the Histroy of Console games. I love your focus on JRPG's and other games that the Japaneese crowd can get into. If they can sell 1 million in Japan....That would be Fantastic....It may take another year...But its possible.

Myth4114d ago

I wonder how long it will take to get their systems back from repair? Since it has to travel overseas and all. Just kidding guys lol I couldn't help it :).

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