Gametrailers: Brink Review

Gametrailers writes:

"On the Brink of buying this new take on first-person shooters? Let the GT Review help you out!"

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nix2810d ago

it got 4 from Edge. confusing.

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chazjamie2810d ago

I was expecting this game to be great. I watched gameplay videos a while back. The customization looked awesome and the mirror edge type gameplay just blew me away. hmm, i am somewhat disappointed.

Quagmire2810d ago

Exactly, I was hoping for another Mirror's Edge type game, but I can see that took a seat on the trunk, with its focus more on shooting and multi-player.

PandaJenkins2810d ago

Dude it was always clearly a MP fps.... the free running was just meant to be a feature to help maneuverability.

Urrakia342810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Not really surprised by these scores as I didn't see Brink as anything special. Decent game just got overhyped.

TheBlackSmoke2810d ago

Wasn't this game supposed to be yet another FPS multiplat that looked better than KZ3? Oh that's right, it was hhg who said that, nvm

MGRogue20172810d ago

The campaign looks really rubbish on this.. Online Multiplayer might be good though.

Having said that, I don't think I'll be buying this one on day one, unfortunately..

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