G4TV: Brink Review

On paper, Brink certainly has more depth than a Call of Duty title and in the console ecosystem where Battlefield is the closest competitor and Team Fortress 2 is a shadow of what Valve has evolved that game into, Splash Damage seems worried that this game will be too complex for the console warriors. How do I reach this conclusion? The game opens by offering up 1000 XP for your first character if you stop and watch a comically long video that spends what feels like twenty minutes explaining the ins and outs of every system before you even get to take your first steps.

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Zydake4289d ago

WOW im so surprised thought it was going to be a hit like another contender against CoD and BBFC but wow 2/5?

I saw IGN review vid and from what it shows it says its way too repetitive.

esemce4289d ago

Yeah game should not be full price, 8mp maps and sp in just a botmatch, has poor graphics and could not hold a steady 30fps when i played the 360 version, i would get it on PC but i think its kinda weak after playing Gears3 beta.

spenn20104289d ago

Watch a steam of this game on Justin Tv last night and it is below average at best. I was following this game and was planning to purchase but after witnessing the gameplay last night i cant spend full price for this game.

Tune into Justin TV and watch a few people who play it live then make your decision on whether you should spend your hard earned money on this crap.

lucifon4289d ago

"this crap" he says without even playing it.

I wish people would start forming their own opinions based on actually playing a game rather than spewing rubbish because someone else doesn't like a game.

The_Nameless_One4289d ago

G4 2/5
Joystiq 2/5
IGN 6/10

While I will agree with you on the point of him calling this game game crap before even playing it; it seems that 3 major sites gave it the same score and I have feeling this pattern will follow on others. FOr a game that was hyped as the next evolution of FPS it sure seems to fail at that. But hey Mirror's Edge was also misunderstood. Maybe Brink is one of those game that will have more impact down the road.

From the reviews I read it seems Brink is a just another FPS with meaningless SP and an average MP. I'll pass. I much more interested in Alice: Madness Returns.

bozebo4289d ago (Edited 4289d ago )

Hmm... I'll have to try this out before buying it. The aim down sight looks like it is designed for PC users. Hopefully the PC version has a different UI (stupid radial menu, die in a fire), otherwise they have messed it up trying to PCize and Consolize the same game >_<

It looks like it relates more closely to Quake or CS than to BF or CoD, which is a good thing. The only way I will be able to properly judge this game is to play it.

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