Joystiq: Brink Review

Griffin McElroy writes:

"In decades past, when the first-person shooter genre -- hell, when the whole of three-dimensional gaming -- was still very much in its infancy, shooters could scrape by on nothing more than their inclusion of amusing, oftentimes absurd innovations. Combat didn't have to be perfectly tight, weapons didn't have to be balanced to a T, and developers didn't need to worry about character progression to retain their audience. Some might argue that the genre's formative years produced some of the greatest shooters of all time. What they cannot argue, however, is this: Those days are over."

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BakedGoods2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

I'm still not cancelling my pre-order. I need an objective/team-based shooter to hold me till BF3.

Elimin82720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Yeah. Got mine too. I rarely base my purchases on reviews but seeing those are very disheartening. I will give it a shot though.

DelbertGrady2720d ago

@BakedGoods - Not cancelling either for the exact same reason.

StanLee2720d ago

I'm crushed honestly. I want this game to be great. It has such a great premise. The folks at Joystiq are never harsh with their reviews so this really is gut wrenching. Other reviews have been equally critically but I'm hopeful. My copy shipped today so I'm already invested in this game. I hope it's a success.

ComboBreaker2720d ago

With 3rd party multi-platform games flopping left and right, and with no real 1st party exclusive games of its own, this year is looking very bleak for 360 gamers.

The 360 list of hardcore games keep getting shorter and shorter while the list of Kinect games keep getting longer and longer.

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Kalowest2720d ago

2/5 = 4/10
Their are worst games than this, that got better review scores.

kaveti66162720d ago

I agree.

If the major issue with the game is its repetitiveness, then I'd give the game a 6 out of 10 and be done with it.

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Redgehammer2720d ago

Eurogamer gave it a 8 out of 10 saying "Nonetheless, Brink is an exceptional team shooter, smart, supremely well balanced and with a unique, exciting art style. Splash Damage struggles to ease the player into its workings – evidence, perhaps, of the studio's background creating free mods for hardcore Quake players, who never needed much hand-holding.

But the clean menus and HUD have a slickness and simplicity of interaction that elevate the squad-shooter genre to a new level of style and polish. Likewise, in moment-to-moment play, this is often a more engaging, tighter experience than Valve's Team Fortress 2. For those who can leap that first hurdle, Brink should run and run."

I like the way that sounds.

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Seijoru2720d ago

Killzone 3's MP is just as good yet it got criticized for having an average SP but Brink has pretty much a useless SP and gets a higher score. F'in hypocrites.

Redgehammer2720d ago

So you are going to take one reviewer over anothers opinion as gospel? I personally read way more 8 out of 10 reviews than 2 out of 5, but to each his/her own.

Ser2720d ago

Still dropping $60 on it in a few hours. :)

Can't wait for this game.

Dlacy13g2720d ago

Just like Homefront reviewers are punishing a game that is basically a multiplayer experience for not having a strong single player. I will still get it just as I did with Homefront and love the multiplayer.

xPhearR3dx2720d ago

I have absolutely no interest in Brink, but I agree with you about the reviews. Homefront's SP was average at best, it had its moments but nothing I would play over unless it was for achievements. However, I loved Homefront's multiplayer and still play it regularly. So maybe in Brink's case, we have the same issue. People hyped for Brink will not care for the single player, but love the multiplayer despite the reviews.

Off topic though. One more week until I get my hands on L.A Noire :D