IGN: Brink Review

Peter Eykemans writes:

"Set in a nearby future, Brink attempts to do something different with multiplayer gaming by focusing on free-running and parkour. With some good ideas, Brink borders on fun, but its repetition, lack of depth, and graphical problems keep it from being a real contender."

Presentation - 7.5
Graphics - 6.5
Sound - 6.5
Gameplay - 6.0
Lasting Appeal - 5.5

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bacrec12717d ago

I call BS, IGN has been missing the mark lately. No way MK is just an 8.0

BakedGoods2717d ago ShowReplies(2)
Cheeseknight282717d ago

2/5 from Joystig, 2/5 from G4, 7.9 from Gametrailers...

Yep, chalk this one up to mediocre. Glad I hadn't dropped a pre-order on it, will wait on the $20 if the game still has a community then.

Neckbear2717d ago

Not mediocre, by the reviews, it just seems the game's a buggy, technical mess.

Looks like this one was rushed out to the market.

EYEamNUMBER12717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

bethesda that is all

Ser2717d ago


I'm still picking up my pre-ordered copy tomorrow. :)

Brink looks amazing from what I've seen, and the gameplay is right up my alley.

princeofthabay2717d ago

You could tell it was going to me mediocre just by looking at the gameplay.

ComboBreaker2717d ago

this game was going to be another generic FPS moment I saw it. Don't know why people were hyping it so much.

Save your money for inFamous 2 instead.

NukaCola2717d ago


well said.

Bethesda has lots of issues technically and when it comes to their 3rd party titles, they all are very weak to include most recent WET and Rogue Warrior. Now this game is apparently a huge mess. What's the scariest is that I am afraid now for RAGE. I know SKYRIM will be great and probably have some quirks like Oblivion did, but RAGE is a 3rd party Bethesda game. I guess I have to trust that id will take full control and ensure a successful game. BRINK was looking to be awesome but it's falling flat fast.

afterMoth2717d ago

I wasn't expecting good reviews based on their videoes released, the latest being the Parkour video. It just looks boring.

badz1492717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

and they will bump the score to 9! seriously, calling a game "generic", "average" and so on when they praise CoD every year is pathetic in its own way!

I'm not saying that Brink is not what they say it is as I haven't play the game but I would like to see them type like that in their CoD reviews as well! but Activision cough big checks for CoD thus...bad reviews from big websites will never happen!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2717d ago

Oh come on. Wasnt there an article on here just yesterday about giving low scoring games a chance? Who knows, you might like it.

inveni02716d ago

I totally called this. It was just taking too long to release, it was obvious that they were having trouble with getting it to play. Besides, the last thing any console needs is another shooter. And if you INSIST on making a shooter, you're going to have to tell a story that beats the others...because you'll never win over the CoD/Halo crowd until they quit making CoD and Halo.

Active Reload2716d ago

If I were to base my purchases off reviews, I'd still consider Ign's to be suspect. The graphics and art style look better than COD and isnt it running at 60fps? I guess people will still keep buying COD then--I never really got hooked, so w/e.

Speakindatruth2716d ago

@Badz. Come on, it can't be called a true COD game unless it has a constant 57-60FPS. Oh wait, sorry Black Ops.

HolyOrangeCows2716d ago

I knew there was a reason that they didn't show off a lot of gameplay. It's unfinished, unpolished, and overall mediocre in shooting mechanics.

xyxzor2716d ago

Yeah I couldn't understand why the press in general were hyped over this title. When I played it at E3 last year it was pretty crappy.

Dee_912716d ago

i knew it would be mediocre when i saw mtv advertising it ..

Joni-Ice2716d ago

Im out of $60. Black Ops didnt get me but Brink did.

FACTUAL evidence2716d ago

knew this game was going to be mediocre. I will still buy this at a 30-40$ price. I was never interested really when I saw the gameplay.

Bnet3432716d ago

Yeah you're right on. I was excited about this game, the reviews weren't expected. I'll wait till' its cheap for $20.

Kos-Mos2716d ago

When did g4 become a trusted site for gaming-reviews?

sobekflakmonkey2716d ago

Honestly...Only 8 maps? No REAL single-player story/campaign(being that its just the same 8 multi-player maps..just single player instead)? Horrible texture issues? Slow, cumbersome parkour? this game is DEFINITELY NOT worth $50-$60, shit like this should not be aloud nowadays, THE GAME DOESNT EVEN HAVE A CAMPAIGN OR REAL STORY, what were they thinking!?

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ThanatosDMC2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

IGN is pretty spot on some of Brinks problems. Damn, i feel i wasted $54.11 on Steam. I should have waited for some reviews.

EYEamNUMBER12717d ago

if you agree with (IGN) the people here will mindlessly crucify you for it

im seeing more negative reviews than positive ones so i take that as a red flag

Led-Zeppelin2717d ago

I'm hoping for a demo or at least one of my friends get it so I can play. I'd rather actually try it for myself then read a review.

ThanatosDMC2717d ago

Hell, i wish there was a demo too. Damn, i was excited for this game... damn hype!

Blaine2717d ago


You don't have to trust every review, but at least do give them a read!

Most of the time, even when a review for a game I'm looking forward to is bad, or I don't trust the review source, at least I can judge from it whether the issues are things I can overlook. In the case of this game, most reviews are pointing out the same flaws, and they're definitely not negligible, in my opinion.

But your opinion might be different--so give it a read!

TheDareDevil2716d ago

IGN really didn't criticize Brink like some other sites did(1UP), and yet they give it a 6.0?

DigitalAnalog2716d ago

At least you can "ease" your consumer's remorse knowing you can play this game at native 1080p at 60FPS (assuming your PC can handle it). I know I can play a lot of somewhat mediocre to okay multi-plats knowing I can at least push the hell out of them in graphics and frame-rate.

-End statement

Joni-Ice2716d ago

I wasted $60. You Think I can sell it for $40?

IcarusOne2716d ago

This game makes me want a sequel to Mirror's Edge.

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JokesOnYou2717d ago

"IGN has been missing the mark lately"
-So says the random fanboy on the internet, lol yeah sure every avg joe on the n4g creditability is so much better.....given how UNbiased and open minded this site members are.

Colmshan19902716d ago

Agreed on the community, a fair bit one-sided alright.
But, I have to say...
In the comments section it's expected. But with professional reviewers?
I think it's not bias on IGN's part though, and just different people reviewing different games.
I know that I'm almost unreasonably harsh on some games (Gran Turismo, or any other game I'm not good at, got frustrated at for no reason, etc.) while over-forgiving on others. (Final Fantasy- I always conveniently forget about the dreaded grind)
It's just down to personal taste, I think.
Plus some people are just naturally tougher critics than others.
Reviewer 1 may give a game 6, whereas 2 might prefer it and give it 8. At the same time, 3 just had a crappy day, is pissed off at the world and gave it a 4. Meanwhile reviewer 4 gives the game 5 just because it's a FPS that doesn't feel good to him as he's used to another style (COD, Killzone, Halo, insert here) and this just feels too jarring.
Here's something from IGN to support my statement-
That's an entire article devoted to how great the sound in Brink is. Now scroll back up to the review score. Look at sound, and read 6.5.
Don't tell me that they decided to downgrade the sound between then and now.
Reviews tend to matter less nowadays anyway, simply because there's so many of them available on the internet. Plus metacritic shows their worth. (Does anybody really believe that GTAIV is better than any other PS3 or 360 game?)

BigTwitchy2717d ago

To be perfectly honest IGN's review here has a lot of mundane, baseless, or pointless reasons for the game being bad. They say that the campaign mode is bad because each time you play a level the objectives stay the same... ok go play COD, GOW, GW or any other game with a campaign and tell me when the mission is suddenly different. Thing is though that this is a flat out lie on there part too. If you play a mission and fail at the first objective then the objective will change for some missions. Then the classes are all about as different as Bad Company's classes but with the added variety of the weapons and body types I can say that they can be far more varied. The only real probelm with this game is the graphics but I have to say that after playing for about 1 1/2 hours I was suddenly disconnected from live to download an update. Once I got back in I noticed a mall change in the graphics but nothing big. The lag that was there also disappeared. Overall though I would take IGN's review with a grain of salt. For those wondering how long I played I was playing for about 4 1/2 hours.

Cheeseknight282716d ago

From what I hear however the campaign here doesn't really have any characters nor set pieces. You don't ever interact with anyone of consequence, and the levels play out on the same exact maps as multiplayer. IF I'm wrong, feel free to correct me, that's just the impression I got from 1up, IGN, and Gametrailers. If you compare this to Halo or COD, there is a plot (No matter how bad, looking at you Halo 2, 3, ODST + CODMW2) present in those series. It's nothing extraordinarily, but it's there. Is that the case with Brink? I am genuinely curious.

mastiffchild2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

I was led to think of the SP as a bit like the SP in UT3-i.e basically training for the MP over the maps you play it on with little to nothing linking the story in real terms. Sadly, I'd hoped, if that IS the case for something more from SD.

Headquarters112717d ago

I had a feeling this game wasn't gonna be good.

Knushwood Butt2717d ago

Almost all reviews are worthless really, but to be fair, this does look ass.

likedamaster2716d ago

They murdered this game. Graphics look amazing but got a 6.5?

outlawlife2716d ago

doesn't look amazing at all...the game is not good looking

when I bought it and I put it in I was like "wow this is the same game"

seems most of the screens floating about are bullshots

the_kutaragi_baka2716d ago

no suprise...

Killzone 3 still best FPS in 2011..

Ravenor2716d ago

That means we've had an awful awful year for FPS. Least we have RO to look forward to.

pixelsword2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Killzone is a really good game, so if you're waiting for a better one, or at least one that might match it, you're looking at BBC 3 or pretty much nothing.

ATiElite2716d ago

Red Orchestra Heroes of Stalingrad will be the best FPS not named Battlefield 3.

Cheeseknight282716d ago

Battlefield 3 will be the king this year. As far as RO: HoS, the developer hasn't the track record for me to think it'll be anything worth buying. See: Homefront, Brink, Operation Flashpoint, or, hell, Playstation Move Heroes. When they HAVE developed games and they turned out mediocre, I'm just going to go on the assumption that they won't change that fast.

There are examples of me being proven wrong. Nintendo EAD went from Donkey Kong Jungle Beat to Galaxy (good to masterpiece) and Rockstar San Diego went from Revoler to Redemption (mediocre to masterpiece). So Red Orchestra could be alright.

NeoTribe2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

I agree but even killzone didnt have that lasting appeal to me. So tired of fps games. Only fps i wanna see is BORDERLANDS 2 and Battlefield3.

fullmetal2972716d ago

In your mind its the best.

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snipes1012716d ago

I also cannot believe that, as a shooter, Homefront can be scored higher than this. Given that they gave it a 7 and called it a call of duty clone, I'm sure this game is better than a 6; just a gut feeling. I'll be picking mine up today.

pixelsword2716d ago

well, from that I'm hearing, Homefront got that high for being a CoD clone, seeing that reviewers "love" CoD. :D

snipes1012716d ago

Well I guess I should add more to my comment. Homefront also had terrible visuals, clunky aiming, a horrible/short single player (yes, I know this one is thrown in as an afterthought as well) and really just over all very short on anything original. At least this game is trying to set itself apart.

This is a very roundabout and convoluted way of saying I think IGN is full of shit on this one so I will be buying this game.

NeoTribe2716d ago

I think ur just tryin to justify ur bad purchase. Dont preorder games u have no clue about. I was very excited to go pick this up after work seeing as the network is still down. Theres no way in hell im gettin it after all these bad reviews. I dont base my purchase off reviews but theres just to much neg about it for me to waste my cash on it. LA noir is near anyway fuck it.

snipes1012715d ago

I am not trying to justify anything. I got it and have been enjoying it. I also did not preorder the game. Also, if you care to browse around this fine thread a bit you will see that the game got a fair amount of good reviews (someone made a post about it)and the game holds a 73.36 average on gamerankings.

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DatNJDom812716d ago

Oh oh...... Well ign is shitty now so take this review with a grain of salt, but....... Wasn't this supposed to be better than Killzone 3 according to some people on here. The game that would make PS3 exclusives dated..... yea.....

NobleGamer2716d ago

wow all that hype and graphics for utter turd. Too bad looked nice in the trailers with free running and stuff but game probably just not good.

mastiffchild2716d ago

Right. I'm confuzzled. I know there's AMAZINGLY deep character options for making your bloke(as long as you don't want, idk, tits)look exactly how you want and have no reason to doubt this but for one, maybe two things.the long faces but MAINLY the little, piggy eyes. IS there no option other than to have a long face and the eyes off an English bull Terrier?

I know it might sound silly but, even before playing the game, I'm finding this off putting to look at. Otherwise, if you CAN only have piggy eyes I think it's a bit shit.

Still going to give the game a chance down the line as I've been hoping for a TF2 type change for a while(I think I've actually just played too much TF2 over the past few years and want another small squad based shooter with decent classes)now-and even if the "parkour" is a busted flush it DOES seem as though this, maybe more than MAG forces the team stuff on you by not even tracking a lone wolfs KDI etc and just tracking points.

When they iron a lot of the glitches out I think you might find a decent community on all platforms that LOVE this game mainly because it offers them something nothing else really does-but, equally, never a BIG community because, like TF2, not everyone likes playing for a team, not properly and maybe some sites have been harder on it because it IS a little different. Obviously, the tech issues are a bag of crap and the game shouldn't be out yet but give them chance to patch and we'll see.

bacrec12716d ago

LOL nope it really does suck. Absolutely terrible.

Zydake2716d ago


Funny as hell today i took my final and my professor was opening this game up and i think i scored low and he told me "Your going to repeat the course" and I said that's why your game sucks and walked out =D

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QuakeStyle2717d ago

IGN is pissing me off. i want to see other sources.

maawdawg2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

here you go, scores ranging from 2/5 stars to a 9. Scores are all over the place so you are better off reading the reviews and weighing the positives and negatives that pop up multiple times then seeing if you want the game. As always. - 9/10 - 9/10 - 8.8/10
http://gamrreview.vgchartz.... - 8.2/10
8/10 from Eurogamer - 8/10
http://www.xbox360achieveme... - 80/100 - 8/10
http://www.computerandvideo... - 8.0 - 7.9/10 - 7.5 - 6/10 - D - 2/5 - 2/5

Surfaced2717d ago

Thanks for compiling a list. Really shows people ought to actually READ the reviews for once.

maawdawg2717d ago

I didn't compile it all, most of it was on their forum compiled by some members there.

It doesn't make sense to judge a game on one review anyway. My process is to read a bunch, talk to some people who have it if I can, and then decide. Taking one score as gospel makes no sense especially with a game with scores this erratic.

All that said, I played this at PAX already and loved it and my preorder copy will be here tomorrow. If I want a game some person I don't even know from a game site isn't going to change my mind.

NukaCola2717d ago

The more popular the site, the lower the score. Kind of tells me that the game is bad enough that even the main reviewers can't help but to not like it. I am curious to see what G4 says in this weeks FEEDBACK on it. It's the Game of the Week, so they will be talking about it and will break down why they game it such a low score.

Ravenor2716d ago

2 reviews at a 9, 7 reviews with a score of 8, 8 if you include the 7.9 and the lone 7.5.

Overall that doesn't look to bad to me, leave it to people on N4G to put way to much importance in the number at the end of the review.

pixelsword2716d ago

If it sucks, it figures that Eurogamer would give it an 8.

ATiElite2716d ago

very helpful bubbles +

as you can see the game sucks.

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shayol33t2716d ago

Im finding it funny how so many are saying "Knew this was gonna suck, good riddance etc etc" just because it doesnt fit the typical cod/halo image.

I mean look at some of the arguments in reviews "too many repetitive actions" an online fps shooter...where you either capture something, move something or defend something. Oh, and killing.

MischievousIQ2716d ago

Forget the arguments! Brink has nothing to do with being like any other game and everything to do with simply being bad.

You can take that with a grain of salt if you want after all it's your money but I wouldn't be surprised to see used pre-owned copies on store shelves by the end of the week...if not sooner.

snipes1012716d ago

Even the jerks at Eurogamer gave this a good review. I'm buying.

IPUMPMYGUN2717d ago Show
spunnups2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

game looks nothing short of generic. better to save your money for inFAMOUS 2 and LA Noire.