FTG Review: Brink (360)

Tired of Nazi zombie modes or first person shooters breaking down into teams of snipers camping across the map from each other? Well, Brink is your answer. A futuristic first person shooter that borrows gameplay mechanics heavily from some of the bigger first person shooters out there, FPS developer Splash Damage and publisher Bethesda are attempting to break back into the first person market by cleaning up some of the mistakes its competitors are making. So how does it do?

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maawdawg2816d ago

Scores are all over the place. How can a game get 4s and a 9s from different review sites? It seems to be polarizing for reviewers thus far. When you see scores spread that far it basically is showing that specific players will REALLY like it and others will HATE it. A "you get it or you don't" game, as it were.

helrazor3432816d ago

I think you hit the nail right on the head, and it is a love it or hate it game. Of the reviews that are favorable I've picked up on the particular reviewer liking it for being different from genre standards, and while acknowledging flaws, find enough that is refreshingly different to still enjoy. Another thing I'm picking up on is the concern for the game's longevity, entertaining for now (those that like).

TheStonedSheep2816d ago

I'll be picking it up then.

Kalowest2816d ago

Splash Damage did great for their first IP.

maxcavsm2816d ago

Well, this isn't their first IP; they did Wolfenstein and Quake Wars as well, so they've got a little experience in the FPS field. It's a solid game.

Kalowest2815d ago

I like up SD, "Wolfenstein and Quake Wars" are game they made map packs for and ports of. This is their real first IP.

"Wolfenstein and Quake Wars" didn't iD software make those games.

TheStonedSheep2815d ago

@Kalowest has a point, Woflenstein and Quake Wars weren't original IPs, but Brink is.

QuakeStyle2816d ago

Middle finger to IGN. this game is getting mixed reviews what the hell.

Lyr1c2816d ago

Mixed like I've never seen.

Somethings going on.

Each of the 3 versions must play drastically different, or something.

This just isn't adding up.

TheStonedSheep2816d ago

Yeah, the reviews seems very spread indeed: 9/10, 8.2/10, 6/10/ 4/10.


Del6732816d ago

I'm glad to see this game came out well.

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