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Brink has set a high ambition for itself - to bring online and offline shooter fans to a single game - and I feel it will likely succeed in this ambition . Solo fans have a good story; online fans have the thrill of competing against other humans. Brink is the best of both worlds in a great looking, brand-new setting.

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khuutra3133d ago

Might need to pick thihs up, been looking for something to scratch that shooter itch just right.

2fk3133d ago

oh o i thought this game would get 9's

enigmagic3133d ago

Sounds like a new Borderlands...

sickbird3133d ago

i don't understand the borderlands comparison at all. The two games are completely different.

Ser3133d ago

I agree...

Just because the art style is SOMEWHAT similar, people treat this game like it's related to Borderlands. I just don't see the resemblance.

swirldude3133d ago

The genre could use a little more spunk. More games like Brink are needed.

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The story is too old to be commented.