Nintendo of America Hires Part of Inspiration for "Blue Ocean" - NGLB

Nintendo of America has hired Scott Moffitt as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, filling the role that Cammie Dunaway vacated. Before landing this gig he worked at Pepsico and then Henkel Consumer Goods. If I remember correctly Iwata stated Pepsi as an inspiration for his "blue ocean" strategy.

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BakedGoods3135d ago

Blue ocean strategy has more do to with creating your own monopoly where no one can compete, rather than diversifying. Nintendo initially did that with the Wii and DS because everyone else was upping tech power, not tech usage.

N4g_null3134d ago

The wii did that but nintendo forgot to take into account that normal maps where going to be the big 3rd party push. Which is the real reason why the wii got no ports.

Had nintendo put enough ram in the gc they wouldn't have needed the wii. The same goes for the hd system right now more ram would equal system good enough for hd gaming not barely able.

This guy also put the awesome in amp and code red. Nintendo is dead serious now.