E3 2011 Countdown - Forza 4

MMGN writes: For some, Forza Motorsport is the only racing sim worth buying. It really is a fantastic series and definitely holds its own up to Gran Turismo 5. It has evolved into an acclaimed series, and it looks to take another step forward with Forza 4, the first game in the series to include Kinect support. If murmurs surrounding a new Xbox are to believe, we may see the very first Xbox 720 game at E3 2011 in the form of Forza Motorsport 4.

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Lou-Cipher3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Until they rework their Driving Physics Forza will never be a SIM RACER.

Forza does alot of things right, but to call it a sim is incorrect. Real cars and real tracks dont mean Simulation.

Im hoping Turn 10 spends more time getting the pysics right instead of wasting their time trying to shoehorn Kinect into a game that has no use of Motion Controls.

Either way, looking forward to Forza 4 later this year.

Kalowest3140d ago

Well its more "racing sim worth" then Shift 2.

Lou-Cipher3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

I wont argue with that.

The folks over at EA lost every ounce of credibility they had when they tried to say Shift 2 was a Sim. (at least Forza has some sim like traits to it)

The Driving Physics on Shift 2 were awful. It was just as floaty as the other "Arcade" NFS games from the past.

StanLee3140d ago

Man, I love Forza 3. Just got done playing actually. Trying to get my final achievements, the Solid Gold achievement and Season 5 and 6. So looking forward to Forza 4.

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shikamaroooo3140d ago

i wouldn't even classify it as a Sim i played forza 3 for hours but calling it a driving Simulator is not right (a lot of modification in the game are just over exaggerated)

DelbertGrady3140d ago

Put Forza, Halo or Kinect in the title and the insecure trolls come swarming.

I can't wait to see what cars and customization options Forza 4 will have. Swapping engines and drivetrains to make old slow cars into beasts is what I like best.

Raven_Nomad3140d ago

Forza is the best Racing game series this generation. This will be the first Racing game I've ever bought on day one.

Cannot wait! Forza 3 is a masterpiece and with the addition of head tracking with Kinect and all the other features I cannot wait!