IGN - Searching for the Next Xbox

IGN - For the last several weeks we've been subjected to information overload as leaks regarding Project Cafe, Nintendo's successor to the Wii, came from all directions at once. Microsoft was dragged into the fray last week, as Develop Magazine reported on the existence of new, next generation Xbox hardware. According to Develop, a confidential source outside of Microsoft and EA informed them that the third party publisher had new Xbox hardware "on desks at an unnamed Electronic Arts studio." Develop claimed the hardware was set for an E3 2011 reveal and a likely 2012 launch.

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tdogchristy902716d ago

2013 please :) by 2014 I'll he ready but I'd like one more year out of my current babies (lol babies)

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Godmars2902716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Why hasn't anyone taken a look at old games, prior console generations, and ask if this new one has really delivered? Pretty sure that if you looked at anything not shooter related you'd have to say no.

It hardly feels stable much less established to me.

fluffydelusions2716d ago

Yeah these HD consoles have crazy development time.

Mac is OK2716d ago

I think it has to do with how much trouble the japanese developers seem to be having this gen. It's crazy how 6 years into this console cycle there's still no Knigdom Hearts and no team Ico game. Also there's only 1 Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Gran Turismo, Devil May Cry, etc. On the other hand we've had 5 Call of Dutys, 3 Halos and 3 Assassins Creeds.

NYC_Gamer2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

i wont be buying the next xbox because the lack of variety/exclusive software

dirthurts2716d ago

Did you read the article?
First party software and exclusives are obviously being held off for the next gen xbox.

DeadlyFire2716d ago

Maybe, but there was only 1-3 first party supported games released from Microsoft over the past 2-3 years.

xc7x2716d ago

i said this just recently,that i woudn't be surprised to see a announcement and if not,it'd be a teaser. they stole my thoughts and used 'em. grrr!!

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