IGN - Assassin's Creed Revelations Stars Ezio and Altair

IGN - We all found out that Assassin's Creed Revelations was real last week, and today, we know a whole lot more. Game Informer's June 2011 issue is arriving in subscribers' mailboxes now, and it's packed with information on Ubisoft's flagship title -- including that we're going to get to play as Altair, the protagonist from the first game.

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Quagmire3384d ago

Didnt take a genius to figure out Altair would be included in the game, after the release of the GI cover, however this is IGN i am talking about, and they do tend to be a bit slow in the head i suppose.

2fk3383d ago

i havent been following this game thats why kid

showtimefolks3384d ago

combat it sucks change it make it more power and better

other than that i don't want a new AC game every year like a FPS make some big changes and hopefully this game will use a new engine but i doubt it

Quagmire3384d ago

Combat doesnt suck, its just too easy and doesnt require skill. Combat isnt supposed to be the major point of the game though, you are required to use stealth and tactics to take down your enemy.

Secondly, why the hell would they use a new engine? Sure they would refine and tweak and upgrade their engine every year, but a new one?

And the yearly release isnt bad so long as the dont stop improving and refining the game aswell as adding new features. From the information we have recieved so far, there has been a greater focus on mulitplayer, as well as new features in gameplay and parkour. However, if there is only one important aspect of the game, its the story, so I would continually buy AC every year for the great and intricate story Ubisoft has crafted.

saladthieves3384d ago

+bubs. Precisely my point. They don't need a new engine. The one they currently have is a very good one. Just because showtimefolks doesn't like the current engine doesn't mean that Ubi must change it. Besides, it has been upgraded from the 2007 AC I engine to support higher quality audio files. Also notice that Brotherhood and AC II have better texture quality than AC I along with a day/night system with improved lighting.

showtimefolks3384d ago

but when brotherhood came out every reviewer said something about engine showing its age. so i am not the only one saying they need to work on either this engine to get better results or maybe use a new one

combat sucks or too easy either way that's the point and they don't force your hand to play stealth you choose stealth or go all out and stealth is great yet combat needs some work

saladthieves3384d ago

I don't understand at what you're complaining about. The combat is awesome in this game. Now you can easily finish off guards (not because there are people who found it hard in the first place) but because you can easily get into a fight, but not get out of was kind of time consuming.

True, I too wouldn't like AC to be milked every year. But if the milk is good, there's no reason to stop milking. In the case of AC, the milk has been good. In the case of CoD, the milk expired in 2007.

RedDead3384d ago (Edited 3384d ago ) know the way Desmond is looking back to the past to see what happened....and Ezio is finding memories of Altair, couldn't Desmond just look at Altair's memories again? Instead of watching Ezio as he looks for them?

Above the same complaint I have sort of, the combat was way to easy, taking out 30 guards on your own should be impossible, defeats the purpose of a stealth/run away game, or atleast put in difficulty levels.

Reborn3384d ago

For me the major concern I had was the climbing mechanics. Some times it would make you climb, where you didn't even want to go. Costing me a lot of time, and crap. Especially, when running away.

They need to make it so you AT LEAST have some more control.

saladthieves3384d ago

"For me the major concern I had was the climbing mechanics. Some times it would make you climb, where you didn't even want to go."

Last time I checked, Ezio follows the path you give him/guide him towards. He perfectly climbs without problems. If you are running away from guards, then either use those escape routes or the slingshot thing that pulls you up, or use ladders.

Besides, there is no logic in climbing a tall building while being chased. Obviously the guards will throw stones at you!

"They need to make it so you AT LEAST have some more control."

You ALWAYS have control! It's not like Cole in inFamous who is constantly grabbing things that you don't want him to grab. If you jump towards the ground, Ezio will not try to grab anything near. Cole will.

lochdoun3384d ago

Well technically we got to play as Altair in AC2 as well... in a brief flashback. This will probably be more flashback scenes. :/