Bad information spreading on PlayStation Network’s return date: nothing new, folks

Sony has not mentioned a date for the restart of the PlayStation Network, which has been down since April 20. There is no new information about when the service will be back up, Seybold said. The exact restart date is a big deal because Sony’s online gaming service has more than 77 million registered users and many of them are anxious about when they can play online games again.

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4520d ago
Dart894520d ago (Edited 4520d ago )

Sony will turn it back on when they believe it's safe.But i see many people already complaining that they will switch to xbox bla bla would you guys rather have it turned on without it being safe and then being shut down within a few days or wait till they think it's right to turn it back online??

Edit:Wtf is up with the disagree??

sdtarm4520d ago

true, Im waiting anxiously, cant wait to use that PS+ discounts and my $50 PSN Card

InFAMOUS14520d ago (Edited 4520d ago )

Where did this $50 PSN card come from?

Have you been reading too much Kotaku???

@ Dart- Hater's gonna hate?

Lyr1c4520d ago

@ above

I think he purchased one before PSN went out and is just anxious to actually get to use it.

InFAMOUS14520d ago

@ Lyr1C... thank you.. That actually makes perfect sense!

@ disagrees... HATERS GONNA HATE!

Istanbull4520d ago

People are just ungrateful, first they said when Anon was DDOSing: "shut up, its Anon, they're fighting for our freedom"

Now the same anti-PS3 people whine about Sony not bringing the PSN back up, Karma is a B!TCH

And to all the people claiming to switch to 360: please switch so when PSN comes back online we dont have whiners

hesido4520d ago

Lol@people thinking they deserve STORE credit for the outage of a free service.

They will give you digital goods that can be produced out of thin air, but they WON'T give you store credit that would make them pay real dollars to 3rd parties. This wouldn't be the case if PSN store was made up ENTIRELY of Sony produced digital goods, but this is not the case. There are movies and games by other parties.

That said, Sony could have worked on securing PSN's online functionality first, disabling PSN store and any activity leading to purchases. So the return could have been step by step. I think they are trying to do it all in one go. Just disconnect the personal information database from the rest, and give us basic online functionality back, no?

NiKK_4194520d ago

Istanbull, you gave me an idea. Maybe Sony purposely shut it down to weed out all the impatient and immature kids so we could have a better online? I doubt that would be the case, but how cool would that be if all those people were gone when we logged on? Lol that would suck for 360 though, then they would be almost ALL like that

-MD-4520d ago

"Lol@people thinking they deserve STORE credit for the outage of a free service."

I don't get people like you. Most of us bought our PS3's because we wanted to go online with it. Maybe Sony should slap a sticker on the box that says PSN might be hacked for months at a time.

Theonetheonly4520d ago

I just wanna Activate portal on steam. :( the outage happened the DAY i bought portal 2 for an hour or so i thought my ps3 was broken. who'd have known this would've become a month long ordeal possibly more.

Something about the tortoise and the hare, is resonating with these last couple weeks.

rockleex4520d ago (Edited 4520d ago )

"Maybe Sony should slap a sticker on the box that says PSN might be hacked for months at a time."

Maybe car companies should slap a sticker on the car that says "this car may break down at times".

Or maybe Microsoft should slap a sticker on the box that says "this console may RROD at any time".

the_kutaragi_baka4520d ago (Edited 4520d ago )

sony please fix ur shit soon. i need to shoot some in the face on Killzone 3. lol. and we should get cool free shit from ps store for this inconvienence. and not some lame ass outfit for home either.

hesido4519d ago (Edited 4519d ago )


You didn't get me indeed.

I don't think we deserve store credits for it. I think we all deserve some compensation, but that AIN'T gonna be store credits, for the reasons stated above PLUS:

I forgot to mention that most people have 2-3 accounts to be able to download territory specific downloads. For example, just because you have made 10 free PSN accounts, you deserve to get 500usd? How can Sony detect bogus accounts? It creates more problems for Sony than it solves.


We do deserve a good gesture from Sony, which it will provide.

jeseth4519d ago

I'm just getting real tired of false dates and no results.

This has been embarrassing and frustrating.

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Wobbuffet4520d ago

I wonder if these guys will agree....

solar4519d ago

nothing like another whine cry IGN is ignorant news story on n4g. every pub is out to trash Sony!!!! how pathetic you so called "gamers" must feel.

jeseth4519d ago

C'mon Solar.

This situation is getting worse and worse. People have every right to be pissed and mad. And they are going to vent their frustration.

Sony deserves the heat they are getting. I'm a huge Playstation gamer and I am losing my patience now. What about people that bought MAG or DCUO? THey are totally f'd right now. I bought SOCOM and MK last Thursday when they said PSN would be back up by the end of last week. Now I have two new games that have huge multiplayer modes and I can't play multplayer.

So I'm getting a little ticked too. You tell people to stop whining, I suggest you stop being such a public defender. You don't sound very smart calling other gamers pathetic while you are defending a group that failed to have the proper safegaurds in place to thwart this "hack".

All the "gamers" want PSN back so they can GAME.

KarrBOMB4519d ago (Edited 4519d ago )


I agree that they are getting the heat they deserve, but I'm wondering why so many people here are so personally angered at this. Are all the PS3 fanboys on N4G 12 years old and mom and dad wont buy them another system? Why is it almost everyone here complains they can't play games online? Does anyone other then me own a PS3 and 360?

I'm right there with you on the whole SOCOM deal, I've been a fan since SOCOM 1 and would love to play online, but the new maps for Black Ops are amazing and are keeping me busy. So the PSN being down has no affect on me as most of my gaming time online is with the 360. I guess I'm just observing this, but it seems like a lot of people on N4G pretend to be adults when they live at home with mom and dad in reality. These people blindly defend a corp. because that's the only thing their parents bought them. I think Solar is just giving his perspective of things. But this is one of the reasons I play the 360 online, the blind loyalists that defended Sony are now turning on them because they have nothing else in life to do. These are a large number of the type of people on the PSN, and I prefer to avoid this as much as possible.

I'm not saying you don't get this on the 360, but I see way less of it.

*** If most of the kids here will ask mom and pops for another console for christmas, you can choose to be a gamer instead of a company loyalist. ***

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gaden_malak4520d ago

It's funny how people are outraged that all this happened and are now outraged it's taking so long to get it back.

Do you actually want your info to be safe or not?

hesido4520d ago

I don't know why they cannot bring back online functionality first, without tying the whole thing to our personal info database with our online activity.

Disable purchases, disable wallet funding, disable new PSN user creation, and give us back the basic online usage (of course after tidying up core security) without the return bonuses first.

After you believe you have the most secure database access ever, bring back full functionality, and give us the bonuses (PSN+ etc etc.) securely.

If Sony would announce that they would take a step-wise method, it would be much better.

TheBrit4520d ago

should have been a lot more safe in the first place.

gamingdroid4520d ago

Security starts at the planning phase. You can't just secure portions of a system and expose the rest.

Think of it is as layers in an onion. You start building it from the core out, layer by layer. Exposing the inner layers is a security risk.

It doesn't surprise me at all the outage is going on this long. It was surprising to me that reports are coming in that it would be back up so soon suggesting a band aid fix. However, this is good news!

JD_Shadow4519d ago

How many times are we going to hear this excuse?

Yes, I want my online experience to be without anyone that would be ready, willing, and able to take my personal information for malicious purposes.

But at the same time, Sony has yet to even give us a target date or a deadline to when they expect everything to be done and back for us to play. I understand the wanting to keep people's identity safe and all, but we've gone for nearly a week without any word about ANYTHING unless it's them saying "oh, there's nothing new to report on this" and leave us in the dark about what's taking so damn long. If they want to make sure everything is okay, or if they needed to start from scratch, then come out and SAY that instead of leaving us wondering what the hell is going on. Why is that so hard for Sony to do? They don't have to tell us everything, but they need to tell us SOMETHING other than the BS they have done throughout this mess.

It's not going to help anyone's cause if we PS3 gamers are at each others throats about whining about "biased media", or "whiny gamers who cannot understand what Sony must do", etc. Yes, we get that they were hacked, and yes, we do blame whoever did it for taking it down. But why is it that getting rid of the "PS3 must die" crowd means we have to stop calling Sony out when they have to be, as well? Why is it that anyone who dares call Sony out about their handling of this situation met with so much venom on this site from the fanboys with nothing better to do than to drown out any real debate? I don't know why it has to be!

In short, your post is part of the problem, not the solution.

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actas1234520d ago (Edited 4520d ago )

Not sure why everybody is excited for. I mean is that good news? or bad news? Even with the deadline still it means it will take another three weeks for restoration of service and that is completely unacceptable. I don't know what retarded security team they hired for that but it really shouldn't take this long

mac_sparrow4520d ago (Edited 4520d ago )

thank god you know the inner workings of such a large network, otherwise I wouldn't have given your opinion any credence.

yeah the downtime sucks, but let's just get on with it.

--------4520d ago

If it takes a month...Sonys fucked.

limewax4520d ago (Edited 4520d ago )

Have you ever personally sat there and created a network to hold 70 million accounts, with up to a possible 24 million users at one time, while handling purchases and security info that is already being threatened to be attacked again so needs to be extremely solid.

Yes its taking ages, but a lot of people dont seem to understand the technicality of it. No matter what company this was going to take ages, Have a think about how long MS work on each dashboard update

mac_sparrow4520d ago

ah look at the disagrees, seems I'd have got less of them if I'd played the blame game and called someone a retard.

Oh well, we live and learn.

NeoTribe4520d ago

You've rebuilt a online gaming network before? Quick call them right now and tell them u got this shit!

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n4gisatroll4520d ago

Like I've said before, it better be or it will b an embarrassment, not to mention stupid they would waste time at a conference with a network that not up. I really want it up sooner then later but I have a feeling