Razer Onza Review | writes: Razer are known for their high quality peripherals in the PC world, but are now throwing their hat into the console ring with the Onza, a high quality, tournament ready Xbox 360 controller. How does it hold up? Check our video review below, or continue reading for more details.

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SonyNGP3131d ago

I think I'm gonna get the TE later today.

Grannyvukka3131d ago

Please do a PS3 one as well with mappable L1,L2, R1, R2 buttons to cater for all the dumb arse developers who fail to either make the actual DS3 triggers (L2,R2) the sight & fire buttons, or don't have that option in the customization features. I mean it's stupid that they don't give every possible control config. in all games options, especially fps's on PS3 where some people prefer using bumpers & others prefer triggers.
A PS3 Onza with that feature & all the others this one offers would be awesome, as I already have a Geoteck PS3 controller that allows me to switch these buttons, but they made the anologue sticks out of alignment like 360's, which I hate, & they are far looser (too much deadspots) compared to original DS3.

Also they should offer a cordless version as well, as they would do much better in sales with a cordless version....I would buy this 360 one if it were cordless, even though it adds the slight lag & such.

Ravenor3131d ago

The 360 has a proprietary wireless solution that pretty well locks out any company looking to put out a wireless controller without paying MS.

The PS3 just uses Blutooth and doesn't have the same issue though, which would make 3rd party controllers a little more attractive.

BattleAxe3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Controllers use either XInput (2005-current) because of Analogue controls(360 Controller support) or they use the older format called Direct Input (Pre 2006) (Logitech Controller F310/F510/F710 can switch between both). So if you want to be able to map the shoulder buttons, buy a Logitech with Direct Input support, and if the game doesn't support either Direct Input or Xinput, then use the profiler software that Logitech has for their game pads. Problem solved.

CherryLu-Chan3131d ago

Hoping these come to Blighty .. i'd pony up for one for my 360 and one for the PS3, should they branch out to Sony's console as well

dirthurts3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

I bought one of these, and I was pretty disappointed.
Yeah the performance is great, but it just feels weird, and the ergonomics are lacking.
The face buttons barely take any pressure to activate, and there is practically no travel to them.
The d-pad does not feel right at all, although it works great.
The start and back buttons are weird and difficult to use.
The triggers and especially the bumpers feel cramped and awkward.
The overall feel is boxy and a bit outdated. It sort of feels cheap too, not like Razer quality.
On the plus side, the controller is super responsive, and the cord is fantastic. The joysticks feel pretty good, but I was afraid to adjust them as I felt like it was going to break, and you can't tell how far you can twist them.
If you want performance, this is a good bet. If you want comfort and just play for fun, grab the silver edition 360 controller. You'll be happier.