PlayStation Network: Activision Remains 'Hopeful' About Downtime

While Capcom is losing “hundreds of thousands” to the PlayStation Network outage, Activision Blizzard acknowledges losses, but is more concerned about when the service will return. The company is scheduled to launch the PlayStation 3 version of its Escalation DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops on June 3, 2011.

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donniebaseball2722d ago

Call of Duty is more popular on Xbox 360 anyway, so I don't know what impact this has.

Urrakia342722d ago

Call of Duty is the best selling franchise on PS3 so I'm sure they don't want to miss out on all those profits they'll make from the upcoming map pack.

ZombieKiller2721d ago

I hope they do miss all that money. I hope that everyone will forget that map pack when PSN comes back and they decide not to keep this "crap" on the PS3. Rehash your money printer somewhere else besides Playstation Kotick, We don't want your filth.

Soldierone2722d ago

Yeah...not like the millions of people playing on PSN daily and will buy the map packs mean anything. I mean their game is "more popular on 360" by a little who cares.....

(sarcasm for anyone that cant see it)

jrisner2722d ago

another post about this?

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Armadilo2722d ago

I thought this game was going to be good

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