Marc Silvestri Plays The Darkness II, Calls It “Insane” and “Bad Ass”

RipTen: I couldn’t have put it better myself.

We’ve had the pleasure of sitting down with the CEO of Top Cow Productions once again – this time right after he’d gotten his hands on The Darkness II for the very first time.

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CrzyFooL3138d ago

I met Marc at Comic Con last year, he's fukin HUGE. Also, his wife is a babe:

KingNintendoFanboy3138d ago

Sure that isn't a booth babe?

Nitrowolf23138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

nope thats his wife Bridget

Quagmire3138d ago

Wow, I can tell he married her for her b-......rains.

Dart893138d ago

njgvoxkivgneprgfvnmasdm sorry i must have had a heart attack after seeing that pix.

BlueRevolvuR3138d ago

That's a nice controller he's holding...

Rampaged Death3138d ago

Loved the first. I have no doubts we will see footage from E3.