UK Gamers Snapping Up PS3'S

Sony's plans to clear the channel of 60GB PS3s appear to be well on course following the unit's recent price cut.
As reported earlier this week, the recent price cut to the 60GB PS3 and the introduction of an entry-level 40GB unit saw weekly PlayStation 3 sales jump 178 percent. According to sales monitor ChartTrack, sales of the 60GB model accounted for 89 percent of PS3 sales last week.

"PS3 went up by 178 percent over the previous week, which puts it third in terms of overall hardware sold behind DS Lite and Wii," ChartTrack director Dorian Bloch told MCV. "It was PS3's biggest week since weeks one and two in March."

"As expected, everyone's buying the 60GB PS3 as it is such a bargain – the split is about 89 percent to 11 percent in the 60GB console's favor."

While deals vary from store to store, leading retailer GAME is currently offering the 60GB PS3 with two first party titles for £350. In comparison, the company is selling the 40GB unit with two pre-selected titles for £330, or with one game for £310.

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Dannagar4069d ago

It's obvious that the PS3 is doing fantastic in Europe. It's a tough market and Sony of Europe should be proud of what they've achieved.

nasim4068d ago

poor x360

after JAPAN they are now fully dead in UK

UK was the only region in EU where x360 did wuite well.

even the HALO 3 bundle couldnt help the x360 in sales . PS3 outsold x360 2:1 in EU last week.

with the reduced price and virtually no games left on x360 things will get worse for x360 from now on

They are holding to some extent in NA but but for how long before being fully pummelled by ps3

Sevir044069d ago

a price drop is all it needed and so it's quickly moved up the bar and sold well. this will continue in the next few months and finish the year off with a surprise. after next month in the US. we should see how things are with octobers NPD and for november NPD. it should prove interesting

PimpHandHappy4069d ago

vs some silly wanker who thinks we americans cant play the game!

any of you wanker bastards wish to try me

ElwoodBlues is my name

bring it

pukka_p4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

anyway, couldn't care less. RWC Final tomorrow and have to go and buy an inhuman quantity of booze - clearly no time for footy games!

Just to keep it on topic... I wonder what will happen once 60GB SKU has sold out? My guess is that they might make the 40GB the "Gaming system" (bundled with PES, HS or Lair) and release a much bigger HDD for the "Multimedia system" - clearly they'll need a SKU with at least 120GB HDD for when PlayTV hits early next year...

spammy_nooo4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

He lives in America...moron. Football is football(NFL) here and soccer is what we call European football.

There is a difference in spelling between many words(color, colour) in American vs European English, as well as terms(such as soccer/football). That's because even though they are both english, they are different DIALECTS!

In any case, you can clearly tell what he means, so it shouldn't be a problem, right?

pukka_p4069d ago

Sarcasm - is there an american word for that?

azmanmanz4069d ago

America never won world cup soccer....

spammy_nooo4069d ago

In case you didn't quite think it through before you posted let me fill you in...

You can't read sarcasm. duh.

gerrard4068d ago

They did win the soccer world cup
But it was the womens team that won it three times I believe LOL

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mesh14069d ago

ps is garbage we brits wont buy it it sux and this story was up like a month ago repost, you ps3 fans keep repost ur made up news over and over and over sad.

SofaKingReetodded4069d ago

are not only confined to this side of the pond.

vaan4069d ago


CrazzyMan4069d ago

you got ripped by sony or by sony fans?
what happend to you?

why you are so anger? are games no more interest you? are you forget what this all about is?
about FUN! Games are FUN.

Just try 1 month do not go to, will you able to do that? Or you are just too WEAK?
Go to doctor then, maybe he will help you...

Good Luck.

stuntman_mike4069d ago

mesh1 your the one whos full of it, the uk is one of the most receptive to sony's consoles (psp included) and im glad its doing well, everyone was waiting for that price drop now thier selling like hotcakes.

azmanmanz4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

xbox is sucks... lot of problem...cheaper components and made from scrapped material

gerrard4068d ago

I'm a Brit and I prefer the Ps3, xbots idiots like Mesh1 do not represent all Brits or me for that matter

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razer4069d ago

How long can you milk one week of favorable sales??

Why can't Sony offer a similar offer with games in NA? Putting Spider-Man BR with the 40gig is lame since I'm buying a game machine primarily. The 80gig has Motorstorm and that is decent, but the 60gig here comes with nothing. I really think if they did a similar bundle here it would sell well.

fenderputty4069d ago

A. this sales data is old. It's nice but it's old. I want to see the end of the month data for the EU. I'm sure it's going to look nice.

B. I wish Sony would do the same here as well and offer more bundles in the US. I feel like people are becoming more receptive to the PS3. Cool games are starting to come and with the lowering price point, even serious xbox guys are starting to think about a possible PS3. Offering a cool game with the console would only help push people in one direction.

C. What happened to the good ole' days when you bought a console and it came with a game or two?

ActionBastard4069d ago

For as long as you milk Halo. And for the record, I'm glad Rocky whipped your ass.

Meus Renaissance4069d ago

Because we've only had a week of figures. I'm sure we'll get an update of how this week went in a few days.

YoMeViet4069d ago

lol action that was priceless bubbles for you
*humming eye of the tiger*

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