World of Warcraft Incurs 600K Subscriber Base Drop Post-Cataclysm

Despite the constant boasting from Blizzard over World of Warcraft: Cataclysm’s record sales numbers, the effective subscriber base actually took a hit in the following months. This was revealed in the company’s 2011 Q1 earnings conference call today.

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PoulCast2717d ago

Explain why you comment then? :)

As mentioned, WoW's current content is beating with the exception of heroic raids which roughly is only used by a 2-3% of the playerbase if not less. So people have quit and do mind that it's a six year old MMO, surely people won't have the same feeling about it.

INehalemEXI2717d ago

They went here ->

and other games, none gained a life ;)

Calm Down Sunshine2717d ago

The competition is improving perhaps?

Prcko2717d ago

game sucks after burning crusade big time!!!
Blizzard don't have any ideas,and game is completly destroyed,so i am not suprised by this number.

bozebo2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Hey blizzard. Going to put any CONTENT in your mmo? Thought not, bye. I ran out of stuff to do about 2 weeks after getting 85. Whats the point in having levels if everybody is the same level anyway?

I want a proper Runescape, the point and click + combat system are fail but everything else is great.

PoulCast2717d ago

WoW currently has the most content of any MMO out there, while I agree it's lackluster on a few parts, they did release two "new" heroics as fillers untill their new content patch with Firelands & 2 new daily quest hubs.

Game is getting old, can't expect them to continously add content at the same pace, seeing as they got Titan in the works.

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