Why the Unreal Tournament III engine is brilliant

There's no reason not to grab the just-released Unreal Tournament III beta demo and join in on Epic's classic deathmatch action. Worried that the menu screen alone will cause your three-year-old rig to choke and die? Perhaps the likes of Crysis should intimidate decrepit hardware, but the brilliance of the Unreal Tournament III engine is that Epic has intentionally kept the minimum system requirements as low as possible.

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Spike474020d ago

try and download it again but........ the first time I downloaded it on my 6150 geforce computer with almost 900Ram and it lagged and the graphics sucked. they looked like ps1 graphics.

on the other hand, cod4 had higher requirements and it runs perfectly with good graphics.

Anybody wanna give me some tips?

I don't plan on buying this game over cod4, but I just wanted to play it like it's meant to be played.

toughluck4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

Go into Options > Advanced > Video > Advanced. Now check to see what the "Screen Percentage" or something like that is. If it's less than 100%, that's why it looks like a PS1 game. Check the resolution as well.

Charlie26884020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

I actually feel somewhat disappointed with UT3 graphics after playing the demo on max, the graphics are a few miles away from the cool pictures they use to promote it specially the character models they are not as sharp and defined as the renders they constantly show

I hope its a demo only thing and that they are NOT sacrificing the quality they promised (and keep promoting) just to make the game run faster and in lower spec machines

@BloodySinner: I am about 110% sure its not my PC, but I am pretty sure its one of two things, a unpolished demo (Beta?) or unrealistic promo renders, but if you wanna check for yourself you can do the same test I did after playing the Demo for the first time, take a screenshot of the demo on max settings (you have played the demo havent you?) and simply compare it to the promotional renders specifically the ones that show the characters holding their guns and are sort of walking towards the camera, the one with the human face against the black monster face and the one with the tripod robot in the back, you will see there is clear a difference in the quality of the models

But I guess at the end the retail copy will decided if the game matches the promo renders

BloodySinner4020d ago

Maybe it's your PC? I'm pretty sure it is.

toughluck4020d ago

I was quite impressed with the graphics, but it's possibly just me. In terms of the environments, well, I found them stunning.

DethWish4019d ago

Epic wanted to make the demo as small as possible so they didn't include HD material in it, IE high-resolution textures that takes up loads of space.
The graphics settings in the demo are limited to about half of the full game I think

NaAsAr4020d ago

i was thinking to myself "dam, these guys made sure this game ran well across an array of hardware configs" when i 1st booted up at 720p rez on my HD tv. i will probably get the pc version. (updated drivers down the line i would assume will only help the cause on my 7800gt)

gamesR4fun4020d ago

Dont get me wrong solid feeling fps but nothing about it really does anything new and it looks rather plain. Still it is UT to the core and once the mod scene gets there hands on this well be in for a very cool ride.

socomnick4020d ago

ut games are fun but nothing to get overly excited about.

DethWish4019d ago

Oh they are.. best multiplayer games ever tbh :)
It's how fun and balanced they are that matters and UT is great in both aspects

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