Xbox Live Indie Game developers can now choose their release date

Big news on the XBLIG front today, as Microsoft announced via the App Hub that Xbox Live Indie developers would now have the ability to “control the release of their games that have passed peer review.” This is a step in the correct direction, both in terms of marketing and public relations. One of the key elements missing from the Indie Games Winter Uprising was the fact that many developers missed their target release dates. Should the event ever occur again, that issue would be washed away as long as the titles pass peer review in time.

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zeal0us3134d ago

now if only m$ can change their update policy

user8586213134d ago

I would rather have updates minimized rather than keep updating my game every freakin day!

HK63134d ago

Updates generally make the game better. I wouldn't mind updates every day as long as they added something more than one line of code.

wwm0nkey3134d ago

actually the 4MB update rule is completely gone as long as the game is HDD required.