Analyst Predicts EA Turning Profit for The Old Republic

Player Affinity writes: "Recently, EA released it’s earning estimates for the previous fiscal year, as well as it’s predictions for the next. The company forecast that the highly anticipated MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic would be released sometime in the second half of 2011, though there could be an “outside chance” that it will be delayed into the first quarter of 2012. No matter when it comes out, The Old Republic may make a small fortune, according to one Michael Pachter. He believes that EA has only spent $80 million on development costs for the MMO since it bought Bioware/Pandemic in 2007."

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Panthers3346d ago

I know I will get getting it day 1. cant wait for this game.

LegitimateJournalist3345d ago

Yes, this could the thing that ( Eventually) surpasses WoW.

DeadlyFire3343d ago

Looks okay, but so far not perfect.