Player Affinity- Driver: San Francisco - It's All A Dream

Player Affinity writes: "The next game in the Driver franchise is Driver: San Francisco, which directly following the previous Driv3r, but this time there’s a catch: It will be only a dream! That’s right, as Tanner, the recurring undercover cop protagonist who drives around with his doors locked (usually), the player enters into the game just as he suffers a head-on collision in San Francisco while in pursuit of Jericho (the antagonist from the previous game). Bedridden in a hospital, Tanner’s life of driving invades his dreams as well, allowing for several new mechanics and features not seen in previous installments."

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Quagmire2770d ago

A Driver within a Car within a Dream.


DelbertGrady2770d ago

Unfortunately I think this game will pass by with no one noticing it for all the other games.

matrix462770d ago

The Shift feature is interesting as long as it's implemented properly though. I also would like to see a return to the original Driver from the PS1 days.