The PSN Downtime: Now about as funny as an STD

SG: Oh honestly, guys. I think the PlayStation Network downtime stopped being funny a week ago. Yep, we can laugh at Photoshops the internet has generated in the wake of the hack — and granted, they’re pretty funny – but personally this whole kerfuffle has reached the point where it just isn’t funny anymore and it’s reflecting negatively on anyone who’s still finding it funny.

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M-Easy3142d ago

Wasn't funny the day it happened, nor has it ever been funny leading up till now.

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ilikestuff3141d ago

yea i was pretty jagged at first too, just got socom and couldnt play it online grrrrrrRRRRrrRR!!!!!! but then i got my gran turismo back off a friend so ive been ok for the past week. i still want my goddamn online back. and now i know how the xbox'ers were feeling with their rrod's, i feel bad for laughing at them now, theirs bad sides to all consoles, lets all hold hands.

FACTUAL evidence3141d ago

It's not funny, it's actually quite sad that it's been down around 3 weeks.

Greywulf3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

xbl was down for 2.5 weeks... whatever reason. The world didn't end..People weren't trading in their 360s, claiming the end of MS as we know it (as if accounts don't get hacked around the clock)

Look, I'm not saying anyone elses actions justify sony's, but there is a stark difference in the reception to a free service going down, vs a paid one. One brought down maliciously, one, 'traffic'.

Not sure why its so different for sony, as far as outage. Yes, they were hacked. But everyone has fraud protection & its not like there is a pandemic of fraudulent charges directly tied to this. PSN being down sucks, but what sucks more is the witch-hunt taking place here. Haven't seen a company the size of sony ever apologize for a mistake/mishap like this.

MS didn't apologize for rrod, and even turned to applauded their service being down during the holidays as a testament to the demand of gaming, then they gave a free terrible xbla game away. Wont even mention Apple.

They have taken a hit, and are doing everything under the sun. The big deal to me is that these hackers are pretending as if they are doing gamers a favor.

PSN goes down, Sony is doomed. Everyone is "trading" in their PS3's.
XBLA goes down during the hottest most played time ever... 'SWEEET! Its ok, we have offline games too! Thanks MS!"
Just silly.


Learn how to read. I already said there was data loss, I said the main issue about it being DOWN doesn't result in people trading in 360s. Nor is it doom and gloom for the company. Thats what I was comparing.

regions like -- USA/EU/Canada

Face, They never apologized for RROD. Their dime = XBLA costs to fix something they caused themselves.

ShinraE53141d ago

XBL was not entirely down, certain regions/areas had online play, it was for two weeks, and all were compensated well. Also, there was no data loss or system compromises. If you are going to compare things, get the facts right.

Also, MS did apolgize for the RROD, they spent 1 billion dollars to ensure every last one was fixed on THIER dime, so what else can you do. Heaven forbid they didnt bow for 7 seconds at a press conference.

Either way, PSN being down due to hackers sucks for all gamers. Lame fanboyish posts like yours just make the net worse.

koh3141d ago

I think the biggest issue is of course the stolen data. Maybe not to the 12 year olds who want to play COD, but definitely to their parents, whose credit card is at risk. The fraud protection was a huge (and necessary) move by Sony, but some people will have trouble getting past the fact that their personal information may be in someone else's hands. I'm not terribly upset about any of it, since I have no financial information tied to PSN, but a LOT of other people can't say the same thing.

Death3141d ago

Anyone else notice the XBL "downtime" increases with each day PSN is down? It was two weeks the service was spotty due to overload. During these couple weeks Microsoft increased their server capacity to meet demand. XBL was never completely down like PSN currently is.


xstation793141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Greywulf: Are their really 2 people as dumb as you? Or did you use your 2 other accounts to agree with yourself?

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M-Easy3141d ago

OK so something is happening I just turned my ps3 on to and for real giggles I tried to sign in and I got a different error code. There's no more "Down for maintenance" message. Now it says "You have been signed out." PROGRESS!?!?!

MysticStrummer3141d ago

Yeah I got an error message, but then I tried later and got the Maintenance message again. Maybe PSN is about to go live again, but who knows...? The answer is no one but I'm sure there are hundreds of random blogs that will tell us their version of reality again tomorrow no matter what the truth is. Hopefully it will all be anti-Sony so Loner will have something to do.

Esena3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Same! I noticed that too, but I didn't want to think much of it.

I'm awaiting a response on the blog :)

Edit: Maybe they will launch it at an odd time so there isn't an influx of people. Maybe like 4am...

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Loner3142d ago

Anonymous and Geohot probably find it funny

yewles13142d ago

After today, they're not finding ANYTHING funny anymore. ROFLMFAO!!! XD

Silly gameAr3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

I'm laughing though. What's that about karma that people like to bring up when Sony is involved?


Max_Dissatisfaction3141d ago

Wait, what happened today? What did I miss?

thebudgetgamer3142d ago

crabs are pretty funny, but yes it does suck.

Max_Dissatisfaction3141d ago

Technically, Crabs aren't an STD, they are lice.

alex33693141d ago

ewww wtf. thanks, never knew that

thebudgetgamer3141d ago

well i just been learned, thanks.

Dsnyder3141d ago

herpes is hilarious, epecially when you get someone from jersey to say it.

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