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Lens of Truth writes "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head Screenshot Comparison! This week we get to put BRINK under our Lens. BRINK marks the debut of long time PC developer Splash Damage on home consoles. How did they fare? Click the link to find out.


They added a page two with more rollovers to compare.

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movements2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )


No. The 360 version wins hands down.

Then again I'm not sure. Some screens look better than others on the respected consoles. I'm not sure.... Buy either one!

Shaman2721d ago

Both look a bit outdated but to me I would bet 360 version is sub hd.

Joe Bomb2721d ago

Xbox 360 looks a litter better to me but not by much. Not really a good looking game at all to be honest.

princeofthabay2721d ago

the 360 version was really blurry

Best2721d ago Show
RankFTW2721d ago

To me the PS3 seems alot better than the 360 version. 360 is alot darker in places and that hides some of the fine details and 360 version also looks quite blurry in comparison.

Coffin872721d ago Show
theonlylolking2721d ago

Lens of truth has there settings wrong for the PS3.

RankFTW2721d ago

Anyone disagreeing with me that the PS3 version is superior is either blind, a 360 fanboy or has their monitor incorrectly calibrated.

antz11042721d ago

Truer words never spoken man.

Honestly, who gives a load if one is a cell shade brighter? Just go out, buy the game for whatever you have, and enjoy it.

Redrum0592721d ago

the 360 version is very blurry. but i think the ps3's picture quality can be fixed through the display settings - RGB Full Range (full)

wsoutlaw872721d ago

they aren't much different but it would be easier if it wasn't for the gamma differences. They should adjust before the screen shots.

sobekflakmonkey2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

Looks better on PS3 Hands down, theres a lot more fine detail on the PS3 version, and the 360 version is super blurry and dark to hide the fact that those smaller details arent there..if you disagree...I dont know...your just silly.

Edit: just saw they added more photo's in those the lighting is superior on the Xbox 360

HolyOrangeCows2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

Picture 4 (It's a slider) CLEARLY shows that the 360 version has a lower resolution. The aliasing on the chair is really chunky, despite being the EXACT same angle as in the Ps3 picture.

The pop-in on the 360 version doesn't help either.
and the contrast is way too dark.

"The 360 version has better AA"
Here we go. The inevitable post confusing a blur filter or lighting blur with AA.

Pixel_Pusher2721d ago

who has it already and how does it play?

Greywulf2721d ago

Lol, once again...

Time for people without any exclusives ( You know who ) to play what shade of dog excrement is lighter.

Vherostar2721d ago

I agree about there ps3 settings on lensoftruth they been found out about this several times they do it to make 360 games look better digital foundry is the best comparison site on the web period but I honestly don't care about comparisons in fact as far as Brink goes I am considering the PC version purely for mouse and keyboard.

superrey192720d ago

PC. hehe ;D
seriously though,got the game last night and it's very fun.

Headquarters112720d ago

Xbox version looks weird!

PS3 version wins easily.

Doesn't matter though since the game sucks.

swinesucker2720d ago Show
swinesucker2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )


gaffyh2720d ago

360 version is quite blurry, more than I'd expect, but PS3 version has a bit more jaggies. Not much difference between the two otherwise.

kramun2720d ago

You people make me laugh, arguing over minor improvements and slight differences. If you want to play the game with the best graphical detail just play the pc version, it'll be a lot easier.

As it is, you lot are just picking peanuts out of poo.

Mr Logic2720d ago

It might just be me, but the character models for the 360 look shiny while they look more realistic looking on the PS3.

But IMO neither version is really that impressive.

AyeGee2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Idk.. PS3 version looks slightly better in my opinion. The 360 version looks a little washed out on some of them, and a lot of the 360 ones were darkened.. putting more emphasis on the darks, and then putting more emphasis on the lights when it WAS dark. The PS3 version looks to have more clarity and sharpness, but the contrasting is a little washed out as well.. "greyed" if you will.

Idk.. who cares, get it for whatever fun resides in it :P

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jriquelme_paraguay2721d ago

Wow... im impressed.. after the Brink Devs says PS3 is Alien, i think 360 was better version.
But not... 360 version is blurred

thugbob2721d ago Show
kneon2721d ago

I won't be buying Brink because I can't stand the stupid looking character models. What's with these steroid fueled pinheads? These are even worse than the hunchbacked freaks in Gears of War.

TotalPS3Fanboy2720d ago

thugbob: "Brink is not about the graphics!"

However, 3 months ago...

thugbob: "Brink looks better than Killzone 3!"

thugbob2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )


No I am not mad. I used all caps so that it will get noticed.


I never said Brink looked better than Killzone 3... I might have said that Brink is a better game than Killzone 3... and I might have said that Killzone 2 is better than Killlzone 3 hell I'll even go out may way to say Halo is better than Killzone and I'm a PS3 fanboy... apparently you are too... seems like we have something in common... except for the fact that I don't blindly defend trash like Killzone 3 LMAO.

And Wow I got so much disagrees for my initial post... I guess a lot of people think Brink will be a bad game?

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emekcrash2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

The 360 version has better AA and slightly better lighting, while the PS3 has more detail and is not as blurry as the 360 version.

There the end. This is irrelevant anyway.

Motorola2721d ago

They cancel out imo. So pick based on which console is your preference.

BushLitter2720d ago

Hey, that's what I was gona say :)

awiseman2720d ago

Yea, but Brink isnt that good, and then that would have to be the Xbox because PSN is still down... either way I would rather get the dlc for Crysis 2

Da_Truth2721d ago Show
360 man2721d ago

360 looks better by a country mile. ps3 version is too jaggy

Darkfocus2720d ago

of course you'd say that lol..... for me PC wins :P no but really those screen shots look bad…especially pic 4.

Between ps3/360

PS3 = clearer and higher textures
360 = better AA, and more pronounced lighting

Choose your poison

catguykyou2720d ago

Seems the textures, especially on the guns and hands holding the gun are far lower res texture than the PS3 version.

NoobSessions2720d ago

360 version seems better to me, but they look pretty identical.

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Shok2721d ago

Hm, I gotta say though, the 360 version does look better in terms of lighting....

Not that it matters. It's a multiplat, whoop-de-doop if one version has slightly better graphics over the other, we all get to play the same game.

Blaze9292721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

I think it matters for multiplatform owners. I don't ever understand why people complain about these articles besides the fanboy fight that happens every time. I own a PS3 and a 360 so when it comes to buying a multiplatform game, why would I not want to know which version is better?

Like saying it doesn't matter if Blu Ray looks better than DVD or even VHS, we all get to watch the same movie. :-/

Shok2721d ago

The graphical difference between these multiplats is not as huge between the difference of DVD and Blu-Ray movies. You know this....

Legion2720d ago


You might want to just pick up the copy that allows you to play with your friends online. You want to play with your PSN friends or your Live friends?

Because the only real difference between the two systems is who you are playing with.

mastiffchild2720d ago

Well, yet again there's no meaningful difference even if I'd personally say LoT's screens make the PS3 version actually have the slight edge overall this time due to the better results in pop in. Whatever, there;'s certainly nothing here, as there NEVER is(bar once in a million times that ANY reviewer could tell us about)that would rightfully sway anyone either way. go with what you like best, controller you prefer or where your mates game if you, like me, own both consoles.

I honestly fail to see much point in sites l;ike this and DF when every single multiplat out there strives as hard as possible to get the PS3 and 360 versions as close as they can. I can only see it being any use to the devs who can see how close they got as if I need two versions running side by side, or even programs to find errors and differences then, really, they don't matter. I get SO tired of these sites.

hiredhelp2720d ago

Issue i have is we dont know if contrast be turned on or not we dont know what telly settings been played with or tricks done with photoshop.
Not just that say the guy is genuine has he set the video settings right on the ps3. I know has more options so thats one factor.

Personally its nit picking game looks ok.. On both just play.

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Convas2721d ago

We just love spending $120 on two copies of the same game and "playing" them side by side JUST to say, "Hey LOOK!! That pixel on the 360 is a little greener than the PS3!!".

/Blatant, Obvious Sarcasm

Vherostar2721d ago

You think they pay?? They get reviewers copies for free for doing this crap its a joke!

units2721d ago

only difference i see is the contrast

Tempjf2721d ago

Ah no way Xbox way too blurry!

Grenadan2721d ago

agree but watch fanboys blow this out of proportion

wsoutlaw872721d ago

and the contrast is adjustable so, buy which ever.

kikizoo2720d ago

Yeah, like always with xfantrolls, when the two games are the same, "xbox is da superior version", when ps3 is better "no difference" :)

but i agree, most of the time, the differences are non existants, which is not a good thing for ps3, capable of more.

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Oldman1002721d ago

I'd give the edge to the ps3 in terms of graphics. Less blurry, better textures in certain areas, and blacks aren't being crushed. We'll have to wait for the performance.