Accountability: Xbox Live and The Playstation Network

It was about nine in the morning on Easter Sunday. I was halfway through brushing my teeth when I remembered, quite spontaneously, that on the next day my Xbox Live Gold account would automatically renew for another twelve months. I had received the email from Microsoft a month earlier, warning me they would be using my credit card to take another $80 from my bank account and, at the time, I thought little of it.

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Echo3072723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Where do these people get these off the wall numbers from for XBL Gold?

I see everything from $40, to $65, $80 and depending on the blatant lack of research by the person, even higher.

Once and for all, it's not $80 for XBL. It's not now and It never has been. It's $60 a year if you do it via the dashboard or, or cheaper if you buy from third-party retailers.

EDIT - Foot in mouth. Writer lives in Australia. Let this be a lesson to everyone who doesn't want to look like a douche like me - read before you comment.


Organization XII2723d ago

XBL Gold is BS - online gaming should always remain free, still Sony screwed out with PSN!

xstation792723d ago

Having a secure network is not BS. Sony fanboys should have learned that by now

dragon822723d ago

LOL. Happens to the best of us. Don't sweat it man.

cyclonus0072723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Was there any confirmation to the rumor that Activision got Microsoft to raise the price of Live so they could get a piece of that fee? I remember Kotick was bitching about not getting any revenue from Live and then the price went up a few months later.

Maybe that was the price Microsoft paid to get the CoD maps first?

SuicideShaun2723d ago

Another article to try and "even" the tension...

tplarkin72723d ago

I agree. The story is too "good for Sony" to be true.

Tired2722d ago

It wasn't 'good' for anyone. Merely pointing out people who blindly hand out details are a little bit stupid. He has a point. I have apparently had my details stolen from at least 3 other companies....and yet to have anyone try to use them.

I own a PS3 and NO-ONE has any of my details....
Mwah ha ha.

I mean seriously who puts down their ACTUAL address after card verification? Sony aren't sending you change it.

I am more than happy for people to try and get credit in my alter ego's name.

ForROME2723d ago

Do not sub it your info to any console company, buy the Xbox live card instead, and its likely you will get a better price doing that as well too

GusBricker2723d ago

Yeah, Amazon is your friend. I got 5(12 months+1) for 35 bucks each.

hazelamy2723d ago

there's a reason i won't put any credit or debit card on either syatem.
if i want to buy something i'll pay cash for a store card.
it means ms can't charge me for something wqithout telling me and i don't have to worry about those hackers having any of those details.