Merchants Opening Up Shop in Light of PSN Catastrophe

The PSN security breach that resulted in the network’s ongoing downtime is a horrible situation for not just Sony, economically and publicly, but for consumers, developers, and financial institutions (credit card companies, banks, etc.) as well. A foreseeable trend for any event, especially for unfortunate events such as these, is that there are always those that capitalize on the situation.

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decimalator2816d ago

Penny Arcade has a good one too that mimics the "It Only Does..." ad campaign

NobleGamer2816d ago

"Sony Offline Entertainment" and "It only does offline" and the various other memes are funny though. To lighten the mood.

jrisner2816d ago

wow this is news? Pointless shit..who approves this?

gameguidedog2816d ago

And the author of this article is the same that said ours was garbage: (albeit he may be right -minus the opinion clause here at n4g) see if this makes you laugh or makes you think...