Leaked Splinter Cell 6 Details Point to Night Vision Goggles and Nukes on the Loose

The existence of a brand new entry in Ubisoft and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series is no surprise—Ubisoft Toronto managing director Jade Raymond has already confirmed she's leading the development team. What's new are apparently leaked details on the forthcoming sixth Splinter Cell.

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DOMination2808d ago

That's cute how there's a ps3 tag. A year has passed since conviction and no word on ps3. This will remain Microsoft exclusive

stonecold32808d ago

and what happened to metal gear solid 4 it never came out on the 360 its ps3 excluisve like ffvs 13

alster232809d ago

really hope this will be at E3. if this, hitman, and possibly a new MGS show up there itll be a great day for the stealth genre

sloth33952809d ago

as long as the game returns to the way it should be then thats good

showtimefolks2809d ago

along with that a bit longer story. story in sc:c was good just make the next one better

UBI really needs to show some actual games their last few E3's have been pure ugly to watch

future soldier
a proper rayman game
a proper prince of persia game
beyond good and evil
i am alive?(don't cancel it the ideas are smart)
rainbow six vegas?

Quagmire2809d ago

I want a sequel to PoP 08
BG&E2 is still being developed
Rayman Origins looks neat
Agreed with IAA


it honestly doesnt make sense. SC 1-4 all crosss platform. Conviction is suddenly 360/PC exclusive, and unless 6 stays like that, WHAT's THE FREAKING POINT?!

gaden_malak2809d ago

Night Vision Splinter Cell? You're kidding.


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