Diablo III Beta Likely For Q3, Team 'Working Hard' For 2011 Release

My dreams of playing the Diablo III have taken shape after getting a chance to play it at Blizzcon 08, and now it's starting to shape up into a piece of reality after today’s bit of news from Blizzard. How soon will it be till we get our hands on it? Details after the break.

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TastyTreats2771d ago

They better be. Been waiting years for this game. I CRAVE it.

Thesonygeniuses2771d ago

this needs to be out to the public ASAP! this better not turn into a duke nukem game...

DistrictMime2771d ago

I seriously can't wait. I've been waiting for so damn long. DNF took way too long but it's good to see that it's still coming out.

JeepGamer2771d ago

Bliz always releases good games but holy hell do they take their time.

GhettoBlasStarr2771d ago

I really hope this comes to consoles. But not if the PC version ends up getting NERF'd. I think this would be great experience for all gamers and good for the entire gaming industry.

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