Assassin's Creed Revelations' gets more Multiplayer details - Plus one new screenshot

@XG247: More details on Assassin's Creed Revelations.

Including 7 new multiplayer features and 1 new multiplayer screenshot

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user94220773138d ago

Can't wait to play the game's multiplayer; loved Brotherhood's multi; so unique.

Thrungus3138d ago

looks like they're improving it for this one! Get excited.

aaabbbccc43243138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

the graphics look better too!

aaabbbccc43243138d ago

the ac games also have the best story in history of videogames!

Takoulya3138d ago


Metal Gear Series

That is all.

Quagmire3138d ago

One of the best.

I havent played MGS, but its considered the original stealth game with an intricate story by MANY fans.

Takoulya3135d ago

I love the disagrees but no one actually stating a reason.

iamnsuperman3138d ago

"The game will have you understanding why Abstergo Industries are doing what they are and it may even cause you to think differently about the story of Assassin’s Creed" could it be that they are the good guys. Probably not but i wonder what will make me think differently

Ducky3138d ago

The ends justify the means.

Isn't that what the first one was about? Them wanting peace. A noble goal.

Quagmire3138d ago

In real life, the Assassin's during the Crusades were a bunch of crazies not only attacking the Christians, but also the Muslims. They were a radical sect on their own, i suppose somewhat comparable to Al Qaeda of today if you think about it.

Still, Altair and Ezio are BAMF

Ducky3138d ago

I'd rather say they were more like Anonymous.

They did questionable things. Some good, some bad.

aaabbbccc43243138d ago

opefully the multiplayer has more action related modes than the stealth only defensive modes of brotherhood.

also hopefully theres some non-killing orientated modes like you team up with three others to explore exciting locations, solve puzzles together like the ones in the old churches in brotherhood and it will be awesome socialy bonding with your co-op mates